AdultTimePilots – Delilah Day – Boned-Again Virgin

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In this episode of Undercover Affairs, two Catholic schoolgirls, Delilah Day and Vanessa Moon, are busy preparing signs for an upcoming event at their school where they will be promoting abstinence. They’re excited about their campaign, hoping to be able to sway the minds of their impressionable and naughty fellow students. As they work, however, they are soon distracted by the sounds of loud music coming from Vanessa’s stepbrother’s bedroom.

Vanessa’s stepbrother, Johnny Goodluck, is the exact OPPOSITE of Vanessa. He’s a total delinquent who recently dropped out of college, and he’s a loud and proud atheist who isn’t shy about his sexual freedom. The girls try to carry on with their project, but the music becomes nearly unbearable. Sufficiently annoyed, Delilah takes it upon herself to confront Johnny and ask him to turn it down.

But when she arrives at Johnny’s bedroom, she’s taken aback by his casual and confident bad-boy attitude. At one point, Johnny learns about their abstinence project, so he makes Delilah an interesting offer: let him try and seduce her into sex, and if even after THAT she’s still confident that abstinence is the way to go, he’ll help their campaign by offering himself as a ‘converted case’. A ‘born-again virgin’, if you will. Delilah is confident that she won’t be easily seduced, so she agrees, but it isn’t long before this virgin eats her own words and succumbs to sexual pleasure. And when Vanessa comes up to check where he friend is, Delilah quickly hides under the covers to not be discovered… but that doesn’t stop Johnny from continuing to thrust!

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