Blackmailed – Brooklyn Chase, Cheating Wife Brooklyn: Anal Blackmail

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Blonde bombshell Brooklyn Chase has been cheating on her husband, and her careless actions are finally catching up to her…

Brooklyn’s nosy next-door neighbor, Justin Hunt, hears his father’s phone buzzing on the kitchen counter. Realizing that his dad has left without the phone, Justin takes it upon himself to see who’s sending messages. The prying fucker soon stumbles upon the nude selfies Brooklyn has been texting to his father! As Justin browses through the lewd photos, he comes up with an opportunistic plan to get Brooklyn into bed!

Devious Justin knocks on Brooklyn’s door, claiming that he needs to borrow some sugar. When Brooklyn kindly welcomes him, Justin begins to reveal the real reason for his visit: He rudely confronts Brooklyn about her promiscuous ways, appalling the busty vixen. She continues to grow uncomfortable as Justin awkwardly compliments her body, and then he abruptly says, “I think we should fuck.”

Sickened by his proposition, Brooklyn denies his request, but her problems won’t disappear that easily. Justin blackmails the bodacious beauty, threatening to tell his mom and her husband about the affair! Frightened of the consequences of Justin’s crude scheme, Brooklyn takes the bait.

The creepy blackmailer mauls her massive tits and the cheating slut nervously gropes his prick as they continue their depraved conversation. Brooklyn kneels in front of Justin’s huge cock, slurping and slobbering. After a blowjob, Justin’s prick penetrates Brooklyn’s shaved twat. “You’re so tight,” he mutters, pounding pussy. Brooklyn’s shameless reply: “That’s what your dad always says.”

Justin smacks her plump rump as he fucks her cunt, and then he shocks Brooklyn by burying his boner deeply up her asshole! Raunchy, hard anal reaming comes with dirty talk. For the climax, Justin surprises adulterous Brooklyn with a massive cum facial. Covered in semen, Brooklyn says, “Do not tell your dad, because there’s no way I’m letting him fuck me in my ass. No way!”

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