Daddy4K E10 Victoria Daniels – Sex with her boyfriend´s father after swimming pool

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Victoria and her boyfriend were at his father’s villa since she loved to swim in its huge pool. And she had a secret. She already had no feelings for her boyfriend, but his father… This tall handsome and successful gentleman was unbelievably attractive to Victoria and she was keeping relationships with her boyfriend waiting for a good moment to grab his father. One day after swimming her boyfriend’s father asked his son to go out and buy some water. When he left for shopping, older gentleman noticed her finally – she was sitting on the sofa in a small and wet swimsuit. Her fingers were walking on her skin… He came closer, sat at the sofa and she slowly put his hand on her breasts… Easy to imagine what happened next since she was young and he was very horny and ambitious… His hard dick was penetrating her wet hole and her sweet lips filled with ecstasy, so no one noticed when his son returned with water…

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