DeviantAss – The condoms seller / Sofia & Antonio Sulieman

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So guys today I was making an episode of premature ejaculation, and I went to the mall to buy a special condom, it’s a condom that has a cream that u can put it on your dick, and it will prolong your sex time, so I went to the mal and searched for it, but I didn’t find, so I found this late 20s nice women working there so I asked her, hey were I can find this condom, and she told me where, I asked her and how can I use it, she said use it with ur gf, I told her that I don’t have one, and I am making an episode for premature ejaculation and my guys will be mad if I don’t do it, so she said that she cant cos she has to work, I told her I will give u ur salary for the whole month, come with me to make the episode and then u can leave, she came and I fucked her anally.

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