Dorcel – Claire, Desires Of Submission (2017)

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After a whole year of absence, Claire Castel comes back in her most perverse hardcore movie of her career. She thought she had sexually experimented everything, this movie will show her that she is still far from reaching her limits

Claire, 30 years old, is a shy woman who spends more time at work than trying to sort out her love life. When she meets Jean Lefort, a famous writer, Claire can’t imagine how much her life is going to change.

This very charismatic man is a true Master of domination and submission games. What Claire doesn’t know is that he’s decided she would become his new plaything.

Claire embarks on an initiation journey that will take her through submission, perversion and luxury. From now on, Jean and her will meet only if she agrees to his unconditional terms.

Her Master will make her feel pleasures she didn’t even know existed. Public exhibition, prostitution, nothing will be spared to turn her into a woman proud of all the pleasures she can give. Her journey will lead her to accomplish her most extreme fantasy.

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Candy Alexa, Lucy Heart, Josh Jo, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini
Scene 2. Lucy Heart, Mina Sauvage, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini
Scene 3. Lucy Heart, Rico Simmons
Scene 4. Claire Castel
Scene 5. Claire Castel, Mina Sauvage, Rico Simmons
Scene 6. Ania Kinski, Claire Castel, Kristof Cale, Math, Rico Simmons
Scene 7. Claire Castel, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini

Honors and Awards
AVN Awards, 2018
Nominee: Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production, Claire Castel, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini
Nominee: Best Foreign Feature/Anthology Movie
XBIZ Europa Awards, 2019
Nominee: Best Sex Scene – Feature Movie, Claire Castel, Mina Sauvage, Rico Simmons

Review by cyber5

Overview: Claire is a sexually inhibited thirty-year-old. She stops by Jean Le Fort’s (Simmons) book signing. His book is entitled “Les Clefs de la Soumission” which translates to “The Keys of the Submission”. She says it’s for “a friend” but he suspects otherwise and slips his phone number into the book. When she discovers it, later on, she’s intrigued and calls him up, admitting that the book was really for her. He invites her over for dinner which will lead her down a path to becoming a submissive and opening up a world of sexual adventures she never dreamt of.

As usual with feature films, I won’t discuss the plot unless it’s necessary for context to the sexual scenes described below.

Scene 1. Candy Alexa, Lucy Heart, Josh Jo, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini

Lucy is eager to join in on the action that Candy is getting from a group of guys in what appears to be an old castle, lit artfully with a raised, luminescent platform. Both ladies are attired in rope harnesses and the requisite heels. As Lucy approaches in her red ropes one man has her kneel and bob while the other three stay attentive to Candy. Soon, Lucy’s getting lucky, bent over the platform and rubbing Candy’s crotch. She gets flipped into missionary and Candy’s attention turns to her as she gets railed by one of the men; Rico watching it all from afar. Lucy’s man unloads on her crotch and the other three men start jerking themselves to completion on her face. Candy kisses her softly to share the man juice.

Scene 2. Lucy Heart, Mina Sauvage, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini

Rico’s having a small dinner gathering and invites Claire to join them. Rico’s serving quite the seafood spread and Lucy isn’t shy, she’s first out of the gate to grab a massive crab claw and a shell cracker. As she’s about to crack open her claw, Mina sneaks down below her and cracks open her dress. Everyone seems to aware that Mina’s tongue is buried in Lucy’s love hole, Lucy’s chest heaving and breathing getting irregular. Claire looks on quietly, realizing that this might be more than an evening meal.

Rico calmly studies Claire’s reactions as Mina works her way down the table, wrapping her lips around the next chair occupants shaft and sucking him to a grunting completion. He slyly hands her a napkin to wipe her chin with before she crawls onto the next dinner guest to slurp on him as Claire watches the man’s face and slurps down a half-shell oyster. When Mina finishes with her man and turns to Claire’s crotch, Claire balks and Rico dominantly addresses her from the head of the table, commanding her to let it happen and to spread her legs, hands on the table. She gets a reprieve as Mina decides to keep crawling over to Ricky’s boner. Claire sips her wine, a look of confusion or regret falling down her face. Mina’s lips separate from Ricky’s shaft just as he explodes volcanically and she wipes her chin with the napkin she was given.

I really liked this variation on the blowbang concept.

Scene 3. Lucy Heart, Rico Simmons

After the guests have departed, Lucy is instructed to take her position and dutifully hikes her dress and presents herself in doggie on the coffee table. Rico runs his hand over an array of what appear to be chopsticks on the table, selecting one, in particular, to insert into Lucy’s ass which is adorned only in a garter, sans panties. A second, then a third, are slowly inserted into her tight sphincter, the camera moving slowly and deliberately from her anus, to his face, to hers, and then back as the soundtrack builds tension. One by one, Rico licks another stick, and slowly adds it to the growing collection in Lucy’s ass. Once they are all in place, she wraps her fingers around them as Rico presents his cock to her mouth. The Russian makes love to his manhood with her mouth, the Frenchman slowly fucking her throat. Moving to her rear, Rico jerks the array of sticks out of her ass, replacing them with his cock. After being pumped into for a while, she turns, kneels, and holds his balls as he finishes himself on her smiling face.

This is a very intimate and erotic scene!

Scene 4. Claire Castel

A late night return phone call from Rico is the first step in Claire proving she’s ready to be a submissive. In order to take that first step, he has her take a nude photo of herself from between her legs as she lies in bed. The second step happens on a different night; Rico and Lucy meeting her for coffee and dessert; then leaving her roadside, naked to walk the streets. After she gets propositioned and turns the man down, Lucy gathers her up, brings her back to the car, and Rico has her recount in detail what went through her mind. Later in the week, as she recalls their meeting, she masturbates while taking some measurements of a house.

Scene 5. Claire Castel, Mina Sauvage, Rico Simmons

Mina missed her appointment with Rico on Tuesday, so she rescheduled to Thursday, which is reserved for Claire. Rico has Claire spank Mina as a reprimand. After the spanking, Mina is made to sit in a chair, Rico unveiling a fucking machine placed strategically on the table in front of her. Claire undresses and rubs Mina’s tits as Rico turns the machine on and it starts slowly pistoning in and out of her. Claire grabs a nearby Hitachi and holds it to Mina’s clit as the machine fucks her, gathering speed with every stroke. Remotely, Rico shuts it down as she’s about to orgasm, starting it back up slowly after an edit brings Claire into position to be fucked by it.

In another Dorcel film I just reviewed, Mina talks about this scene in the BTS segment, mentioning that it was quite the attention grabber on set as it was the first time a Dorcel production had used a fucking machine.

Scene 6. Ania Kinski, Claire Castel, Kristof Cale, Math, Rico Simmons

Ania is a madame tasked with showing Claire “the ropes”. Ania puts some lipstick on her and then has Claire get into a rubber dress and rubber gloves for one of her regulars. When he shows up, she’s forced to her knees and instructed to suck. Ania watches her intently as she jerks and sucks the long cock. Ania’s watchful eyes stay trained on Claire as her client shoves his cock in and out of Claire who is bent over doggie. Claire’s landing strip is featured nicely when she rolls into missionary, Ania pinching Claire’s nipples; Claire rubbing her own clit with her gloved hand. The client cums and Ania carefully removes his condom, wiping his shaft clean with a tissue.

Claire enjoyed that experience and asks if she can stay a bit longer. When the next client shows up, she’s in doggie and he gets right to it. Claire’s panting and whimpering as she gets drilled, Ania’s hands helping to pump her ass back and forth on the guy’s cock. Ania then slides underneath Claire, to lick the guy’s balls as he thrusts in and out of the newbie whore.

Ania starts the third client off with her mouth, Claire quickly joining her. The two trade bobbing duties, Ania showing off her deep throating skills and then gloving him up so he can take Claire in doggie like the others did. Ania again removes the condom when he’s done. Claire heads out, her lesson complete.

I watched the setup to this scene again, in French. Ania’s instructions in that language sound way more fitting than the English dub!

Scene 7. Claire Castel, Kristof Cale, Math, Ricky Mancini

Rico meets Claire at a club where she is made to remove her clothes after answering a few questions at the door. Inside, she witnesses a girl being suspended and having hot wax dripped on her. Rico says this is not for her and has an attendant take Claire away, leaving her standing nude in a large brick room. Soon, a man comes to place two small rope harnesses on her and then walks away. A platform lights up behind her and Rico comes in to tell her he is about to fulfill the first fantasy she revealed to him. Three men stroll in and they join her on the platform, Rico standing nearby, watching.

Claire sits in the midst of the men, sucking and jerking, often glancing over at her dom (whose POV we are seeing for the most part) as the men run their hands over her svelte body. One man lies down on his back and Claire works his cock into her. Another man places his cock into the same slit the first is in, causing her to moan and pant. The third stands jerking himself for a bit and then places his cock into her mouth. She’s moved into doggie for some drilling, the guys passing her around, gripping her boobs and keeping their cocks close to her mouth if they aren’t inside of her at the moment. She continually rubs her clit, bringing herself to orgasm, and the guys shower her from three angles in unison.

Final Thoughts: Herve Bodilis is at the helm for yet another Marc Dorcel title. It’s a story of a sexually inhibited woman broadening her horizons when she meets an author that she discovers isn’t writing fictional stories about domination and submission. Beautifully shot, and well acted by all, it’s a good couples movie. Many of the sex scenes involve multiple people, although I think the one between Lucy and Rico is the one I found most sensual and erotic. The final sex scene is nominated for Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production at AVN this year and it is a good scene. Personally, I liked the whole setup and the action in the dinner party scene. It’s an excellent variation on a simple blowbang and really sets the tone of what is to come when Rico gets authoritative with Claire.

I watch quite a few of Dorcel’s flicks and I usually love them. This one was good but I don’t think it’s one of my favorites. Due to the nature of the scenes, there isn’t a lot of chemistry between sexual partners which is by design. However, it does make the whole thing seem a bit impersonal for a story based on the premise of a very personal journey. All in all, it’s a nice story that manages to fit 7 sex scenes in less than 2 hours! Worth a look. Recommended.

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