GirlsWay – Jezabel Vessir, Mona Azar, Charlotte Sins And Spencer Bradley – Not More Lesbian Recruiters!?!

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Two straight roommates, Spencer Bradley and Jezabel Vessir, are making fun plans for the day when they are suddenly surprised by a knock at their door. To their dismay, the visitors on the other side of the door call out that they’re lesbian recruiters. Spencer and Jezabel are annoyed, because they’re sick of lesbian recruiters trying to turn them to lesbianism. They decide to pretend to be a lesbian couple, believing it would be an easy way to get rid of the recruiters.

The roommates open the door and are greeted by the recruiters, Mona Azar and her girlfriend Charlotte Sins. The roommates claim that they’re already lesbians and in love, but to their shock, the recruiters get excited and invite themselves in, quoting the lesbian scripture that one lesbian’s house is open to all lesbians. Spencer and Jezabel don’t want to give themselves away, so they go along with it.

The recruiters ask the roommates if they’ve considered doing recruitment as well. The roommates lie and say they’ve recruited many women before, but are shocked when the recruiters say they haven’t been that successful and ask the roommates for tips. The roommates are at a loss, and fish for clues on what to do by asking the recruiters about their usual procedure. The recruiters say they usually start by showing the pleasures of lesbian kissing. The roommates lie and say they start with kissing, too. The recruiters ask for a demonstration, so the roommates give each other pecks on the lips. When the recruiters comment on the lack of passion in the roommates’ demonstration, the roommates take offense and start being more passionate, sexily kissing each other with tongue.

Mona and Charlotte try to copy what Spencer and Jezabel are doing, but don’t see what’s different about their techniques. They ask for more demonstrations, which leads to a sexy foursome, even though Spencer and Jezabel are just pretending and are definitely not becoming lesbians… right?

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