GirlsWay – Mckenzie Lee And Sheena Ryder – Tastes In Common

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McKenzie Lee, a realtor, invites Sheena Ryder, an interior designer, into a house she’s trying to sell. When Sheena arrives, McKenzie is taken aback by how outgoing she is. It’s revealed McKenzie is having trouble selling the house and needs Sheena’s help to make it more presentable. Sheena starts pitching ideas for the house, but McKenzie isn’t on board with them. There is a hint of friction between them. McKenzie begins pitching ideas herself, but Sheena isn’t sold. More friction is built between them and they start to get impatient with each other. The tension reaches its peak as they continue to disagree on everything. To calm down, McKenzie suggests that they go to the bedroom to check out what’s needed, design-wise. They move to the bedroom to discuss design options. It seems like they’re about to argue over choices, but then unexpectedly agree when it comes to sex! McKenzie and Sheena finally let their guard down and start to bond, revealing their frustrations about being career women working all the time. They learn that they’re both lesbians, and all the pent-up tension and frustrations from earlier turns into sexual attraction. They begin flirting, which leads to McKenzie inviting Sheena to have sex, including tasting each other’s breasts and pussies. What a great way to resolve a disagreement!

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