JamesDeen – Karma RX, Does Not Have A Seizure

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Karma Rx has really big boobs and a lot of tattoos. But that’s pretty typical for sluts these days. Karma is not a typical slut. Apparently, the first time she fucked James Deen, she had a seizure. It was a hormonal imbalance, or something. Not James’ fault at all. This time around, she’s determined to get her mouth and pussy fucked, sans epilepsy. But there’s a lot of awkward small talk and flirtation (?) to get through first. She even asks whether James’ dad is single, which is an “interesting” about-to-fuck-someone question. Thankfully, the fucking does commence. Eventually. Karma takes a few slaps to the face, and she’s in slut heaven. Gaga for dick. James fishes spit from her mouth and pushes her throat down on his cock. The awkward small talk basically stops… Basically. James gets rough with the big tit slut, and she loves it. He fucks her pussy all over her living room – on various couches and so forth. She probably cums on every surface. It’s really hot! When James is ready to cum, Karma holds her mouth open by the lips, like some cheshire cat. Semen sprays across her teeth and chin. She swallows the cum and kisses the tip of James’ cock. How romantic!

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