KissMeFuckMe – Cadence Lux And Alexis Tae – Paper Hearts

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Cadence Lux arrives home after a rough day at work, but her mood is instantly improved when she sees a paper heart with a message from her girlfriend, Alexis Tae. The message invites Cadence to find Alexis.

Seeing a trail of paper hearts going up the stairs, Cadence follows the trail until she reaches the bedroom, where Alexis is waiting naked on the bed. Cadence eagerly moves in to kiss Alexis on the lips, but Alexis playfully stops her, pointing out that the last paper heart has instructions that Cadence should start with Alexis’ feet.

Eagerly following the instructions, Cadence worships Alexis’ feet by kissing and sucking on her toes, and then kisses her way further up Alexis’ beautiful body. The girlfriends then have sweet, intimate sex, which includes sharing more kisses.

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