MissaX – Kenna James And Mona Wales – Pushing Boundaries Act 2

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Mona watches as Ryan as Ryan watches Kenna practice her yoga routine. Kenna is wearing the sexiest little cotton shorts that show a sliver of her perfectly pert ass when she bends over. Kenna’s golden hair flows as the wind blows, and her face is flushed from the exercise. Ryan breathes slowly as he watches her, she puts him in some sort of trance-like state, and just then– Mona pops up from behind him.
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” she teases. Ryan wants the two girls to bond, and he asks his wife to take her shopping. Mona slides her hand down his chest and to his cock, and she sees that he’s raging hard, testing the fabric of his woolen work slacks. “You’re hard,” she says in a jealous tone. Ryan can not explain and so he hands her his credit card, “shopping, on me.”
Mona starts to put the pieces together. Ryan is close with Kenna, but is it too close? She looks at the beautiful little blonde and wonders how she can use her to her advantage? Shopping? Sex? A threesome with ‘daddy?’ Her mind runs wild with the possibilities.

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