MissaX – Sophia West – A Mother’s Confession

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Starring Sophia West in her first professional sex scene, and her first anal scene, and Tyler Nixon. I love my husband, and I stand by his decisions. When he told me that Tyler was smoking, I told my husband that I would confront Tyler. Tyler and I have a close relationship, and I know if I ask him to stop, he will. I’m the type of stepmother who likes to keep the peace in the house. Tyler and his father are always at odds, and it’s my role to referee. I went into Tyler’s room so that I could confront him with the evidence, and his laptop was on his bed. I don’t know what came over me, I couldn’t help but look inside. I saw that Tyler was a member of a message board called “MotherLovers,” and although I am his stepmother, he had a strong physical attraction to me. I was appalled, horrified, and completely…. turned on. I never thought of myself as a beautiful woman, and as the years passed, I thought less and less of myself as “sexy,” but the word sexy is what Tyler used to describe me. Watch the story unfold…

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