ModernDaySins – Sophia Burns – Cum Gluttons: Fountains Of Youth

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Dominic Pacifico is hard at work in the office when he overhears his assistant, Sophia Burns, talking to a friend over the phone. It sounds like Sophia’s in a new relationship with a bisexual guy (Jay Tee), which seems to intrigue Dominic. When Sophia’s done with the conversation, Dominic approaches her and warmly congratulates her on the new relationship, especially praising her for being so open-minded about taking on a bisexual boyfriend. Sophia is flustered but brushes it off, though uses this opportunity to point out that she’d like them to meet sometime. Without hesitation, Dominic agrees, and they soon set up an appointment for later that day.

When Jay later arrives and is introduced, Dominic is impressed by his go-getter attitude and how well he and Sophia get along. As they all get to know each other, Dominic starts to wish for something MORE from the young couple than idle conversation. Fortunately for him, it seems that both Sophia AND Jay are very open-minded, which leads to a steamy threesome right there in the office.

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