MommysGirl – Serene Siren And Jazlyn Ray – What Changed Your Mind?

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Jazlyn Ray is a teensy bit worried about her stepmom, Serene Siren. Ever since Serene’s divorce, she’s been totally restless! But Jazlyn has come up with a solution: why doesn’t Serene pick up a hobby? It could help her take her mind off of things. Serene is delighted by the suggestion and decides to try her hand at yoga. She also asks if Jazlyn would like to join her in this new hobby, but to her disappointment, Jazlyn isn’t that interested.

But one day, as Serene is busy flowing through various yoga poses in the living room, Jazlyn notices and decides to observe her stepmom in her new element. Serene doesn’t realize that Jazlyn is staring at her and just keeps moving between poses. As she does this, however, Jazlyn suddenly starts to grow aroused by what she’s seeing.

Jazlyn runs off to her bedroom and then reappears dressed in her very own yoga outfit, offering to join Serene in her yoga routine. Serene is delightfully surprised, but is still a bit puzzled- what ended up changing Jazlyn’s mind? Jazlyn doesn’t give her a straight answer, but it’s clear that she can’t wait to get a closer look at her stepmom’s curves through a much more intimate form of yoga… one that just so happens to work best without clothes!

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