NewSensations – The Swing Life (2015)

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Starring: Cherie DeVille, Britney Amber, Jodi Taylor, Ryan McLane, Keira Nicole, Michael Vegas, Chad White, Richie Calhoun

Director: Jacky St. James

Scene 1. Keira Nicole, Michael Vegas
Scene 2. Jodi Taylor, Keira Nicole, Chad White
Scene 3. Cherie DeVille, Richie Calhoun
Scene 4. Britney Amber, Ryan McLane

After Gillian discovers that her best friend, Lindsay, isn’t as uptight as she expected, she reveals a provocative secret. Gillian and her husband, Joe, are swingers and they’re eager to invite Lindsay and her husband, Patrick, into their fold. Aroused by the possibility of an open marriage Lindsay shares this news with Patrick, who eventually agrees to give it a shot. But when he is slow to take the initiative with Gillian, the two girlfriends surprise him with an afternoon of explosive sex. Caroline and Tyler enjoy a very emotionally and physically satisfying marriage, but that doesn’t prevent their insatiable curiosity from creeping in from time to time. Fascinated by the dynamics of the swinger lifestyle, the two set their sights on close friends and swingers, Jenny and Max. But after a failed attempt at seduction, Tyler and Caroline are worried they might not have the game it takes to succeed in the lifestyle.

XBiz Awards, 2016
Winner: Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release, Keira Nicole
Winner: Couples-Themed Release of the Year
Nominee: Best Actor – Couples-Themed Release, Chad White
Nominee: Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release, Keira Nicole, Michael Vegas

Review by Feminist Porn Reviews

This movie consists of two separate stories, each consisting of two scenes.

The first story is entitled “My Neighbor’s Wife”.

“Joe and Jillian are swingers”, Lindsay (Keira Nicole) blurts out to her husband Patrick (Chad White). Lindsay’s best friend Jillian (Jodi Taylor) had kissed her, passionately, just before she told her, and now the women want to swap husbands. And, as Patrick puts it, “The ‘I don’t know’ became a ‘maybe’, and the ‘maybe’ became a ‘yes'”, and Lindsay ends up in bed with Joe (Michael Vegas), after which Lindsay and Jillian give Patrick a treat.

The second story is entitled “Borrowed Wives”.

Cherie (DeVille) and Jenny (Britney Amber) have been best friends for a long time, and their husbands Tyler (Ryan McLane) and Max (Richie Calhoun) are close, as well. Max and Jenny’s swinging has become something of a fascination for Cherie and Tyler, who are more “traditional”. And now they have become very curious, and ready to move beyond fantasy. So, one night at dinner with their friends, they set out to seduce them. The hint-dropping isn’t going that well, so when Max disappears Cherie and Tyler tell Jenny what they want. She suggests that Cherie go find Max and “keep him company” while she does the same with Tyler.

The story aspects are really well done, especially in “My Neighbor’s Wife”. The interaction between Lindsay and Patrick after she has sex with Joe is really sweet. They are both appropriately nervous, but in the end her experience, and his acceptance of it, reaffirms their relationship. The discussion between Lindsay and Jillian, about Lindsay’s feelings about Patrick maybe having sex with her, is also excellent. The discussion that Cherie and Tyler have in bed, dancing around the question whether they might try swinging, is also very hot, and very natural. And, despite the fact that the titles of the two stories reflect a male point of view, the stories themselves do not. They are at least as focused on the women’s desires and initiative as they are on the men’s.

So this was a movie we were very much prepared to like.

Unfortunately, the sex scenes simply don’t live up to the promise of the stories. The basic problem, as with many of the recent movies in this series, is that the scenes are too long, and whatever passion exists at the beginning of the scene simply isn’t sustained through the end of it. As we’ve said before, it just isn’t that interesting to watch people do the same thing, over and over.

Overall, the photography is disappointing, too. It is reasonably good in the last scene, and we really enjoyed the wider shots when they were having oral sex, since their pleasure was so clearly visible on their faces. And there are some very good, even excellent, shots at the beginning of all the scenes. Unfortunately, though, as so often, once they start fucking, the camera work becomes predictable and pornish, and the male performer is very often out of frame.

We are giving this movie four stars largely on the strength of the stories, which, as we said, we found very sexy. If we were going to rate it entirely on the sex scenes, we would have given it only three and a half stars. So we would recommend it, but mostly for people who will get into the swinging fantasy.

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