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At the Big Girl Strip Club, skinny exotic dancers have no place. This is a club for men who want to be intoxicated by the sweet scent of well-padded ladies with big butts, fleshy hips and huge tits. They come here to get boob drunk in the dim, crowded room where sex lingers in the air and permeates the mind of the horny guy. The Big Girl Strip Club is a feast of flesh for the senses. As Charlie Cooper and Alix Lakehurst bump, grind and shake their moneymakers at separate stages, Julia Juggs climbs on the stage to treat the boys to her own erotic and sensuous striptease, the kind she does in Las Vegas several nights a week. The crowd watches with glazed eyes as Julia beckons cocktail server Daniella Grey to the stage. Daniella climbs on and the two plump goddesses play nice for the ringsiders. Daniella walks the stage on all fours as Julia gets off and approaches Peter, one of the ringsiders.

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