Private Black Label 37: Private Chateau 2 – A Shady Past (2005)

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A Hardcore Dynasty Style Drama By Conrad Son

The second part of Private Chateau – A Shady Past continues Private’s dynastical drama as they delve deeper into the intrigues of high society and the cut-throat world of business in the trade. More steamy sex action as the undercurrent of lust accompanies the feuding families fight to ensure the future of their fortunes and family honor.

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Gina Blonde, Tom Cruiso
Scene 2. Dora Venter, Victoria Swinger, Francesco Malcom, Remigio Zampa
Scene 3. Salma de Nora, Alvaro Armada, Andrea Moranty
Scene 4. Grace Majors, Remigio Zampa
Scene 5. McKenzie Lee, Mya Diamond
Scene 6. Dora Venter, Danny Mountain

Review by howie

Private Chateau Episode II: A Shady Past
The second episode of the Private Chateau trilogy reveals the centuries old deep, dark secrets of the two feuding families, who use passion, adultery and depravity in order to get control of the wine business. Private brings you mystery, power, intrigue, beautiful women and hard sex.

Dora Venter, Mya Diamond and Victoria Swinger reprise their roles from the 1st episode and there are some new faces including Gina Blonde being the most notable. Again, I caution the readers that this is a feature and, as a natural extension, the sex scenes are not long in length — less than 10 minutes each — and feature multiple cutaways instead of long sustained action in a single position.

The feature presentation…

There is a nice 4-minute summary recap of the 1st episode to start us off in case we wanted to follow the storyline. And then we jump right into the 1st sex scene…

Sex scene 1 – Gina Blonde with a guy:

The scene starts with a guy taking fashion photos of Gina on a moving yacht. After the photo session, they start to engage in sex as the boat owner watches. The action was decent and included some anal in spoon and RCG. Overall, it was an average scene as it came across as overacted. I have no idea how this scene fits into the plot.
A special investigator is brought in to investigate the death of the lawyer, Mr. Torremilans, that ended the 1st episode since it might involve high profile families. And then we jump to the 2nd sex scene…

Sex scene 2 – Dora Venter & Victoria Swinger with 2 guys:

Dora, the housemaid and mistress to the son, has brought in a stud to train Maria (Victoria), the bride who couldn’t fulfill her husband’s anal needs during the honeymoon. Dora sticks around and Maria’s father in-law joins in the fun as a willing participant to improve his daughter in-law’s sexual skills. The sex was pretty good as both girls got drilled including Dora getting DP’ed in cowgirl position.
Maria’s father confronts his wife, McKenzie Lee, about her luxury whore past and his recent knowledge of her affair with the dead lawyer. The scene shifts to McKenzie seducing her step-daughter’s father in-law as she recounts her tale of woe with her pending divorce. She promises him a gift.
There is a flashback to 1808 and two guys talking about the Chateau and how it should be used to assist the French government. I got lost listening to the dialogue. Anyway, a girl takes the government official to his room and they get down…

Sex scene 3 – a girl and 2 guys:

If you like sex with performers dressed in colonial or provincial clothes, then this will float your boat. Otherwise, this was an average scene and this lack of cohesion between the sex action set-ups and the storyline is starting to widen in a horrible manner. There was the standard b/b/g sex action including anal and DP in RCG.

Sex scene 4 – a guy and a girl:

Back to current day and McKenzie’s gift to Maria’s father in-law appears in the form of a good looking woman wearing a red, slinky dress. He begins fingering her pussy while she is in doggie. He moves his fingers up a hole and 2-fingers her ass. In the meantime, McKenzie has found the encrypted map for the treasure of the golden goat in the father in-law’s house and, thus, we realize that she has delivered this sexual gift as a cover for her means. The sex action was a little better than average as she was taking the schlong deep into her ass in various positions. Best sex scene so far.
Marta (Mya Diamond), the Chateau’s wine expert, is given control of the Chateau now with McKenzie out of the picture. We then fast forward to the next sex scene.

Sex scene 5 – Mya Diamond & McKenzie Lee:

This scene was heavy on the toy usage as Mya was 1st to get dildo action in her pussy and then her ass. There is brief DP action for McKenzie as she works a dildo in her ass as Mya uses one in McKenzie’s pussy. This was a good scene, from a feature’s perspective.
The investigator runs down the list of possible suspects for the murder of the lawyer. The chief suspect in her mind is Pablo Roca, Mr. Torremilan’s secretary’s ex-boyfriend who has a criminal record and was acquitted of a violent crime. Pablo is arrested soon thereafter.

Sex scene 6 – Dora Venter and a guy:

Maria’s husband is cheating with his mistress again. The sounds of sex emitting from the mistress’ room can be heard by Maria as she lies in her own bed alone. The sex action was short in length and there ends the movie.


Episode II of the Chateau trilogy was a disappointment. The sex scenes were a little too brief and there were not enough of them. The advancement of the plot was strained and I had a hard time staying focused as the feature progressed. Ultimately, the sex scenes couldn’t elevate this feature presentation, which was burdened with poor acting and a weak script. I can’t recommend this as a purchase regardless of my positive review of Episode I. If you liked Episode I and would like to follow the trilogy to completion, then rent it.

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