Private Black Label 38: Private Chateau 3 – Secrets Of The Land (2005)

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A Hardcore Dynasty Style Drama By Conrad Son

Chateau Episode III is a hardcore dynasty style drama. You can’t miss the superb outcome of his fabulous trilogy in which deceit, jealousy and corruption combine with the ambition of the most explosive women, who do not hesitate to use their bodies to gain power!!

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Christel Starr, Thomas Stone
Scene 2. Dora Venter, Victoria Swinger
Scene 3. Victoria Swinger, Danny Mountain
Scene 4. Claudia Clair, Grace Majors, Jeremy Martins, Max Cortes, Robby Blake
Scene 5. Ellen Saint, Jean Pallett, Remigio Zampa
Scene 6. McKenzie Lee, Scotti Andrews, Jean Pallett, Steve Hooper
Scene 7. Letizia Bruni
Scene 8. Gina Blonde, Silvia Lancome, Dries Breyne, Tom Cruiso

Review by Den

Starts with 9 minutes of previews from Chateau #01 & Chateau #02.

1> Blonde & guy. Outdoors. BJ/handjob. Liliane solo. Screwing her from behind. Nude. Eats her. Screwing cowgirl, rev cowgirl. He strokes off on her face & open mouth.
2> Dora & Brunette. On bed. Massage. Kiss. Touching. Rimjob. Fingering. Dildo BJ. Fingering both holes. Anal dildo play. Eating. Ladies switch. Eating. Dildo play. Clit solo. Anal dildo.
3> Blonde & guy. On bed. Topless. Anal & clit solo side ways. Anal, rev cowgirl. BJ. Open mouth facial. BJ clean off.
4> Blonde & 2 guys. In room. Alternating BJs. Blonde & guy joins. BJs. Screwing for each. Anal. Nude. Screwing & handjob. DP doggie. Screwing facing one another. Guy strokes off on bush. Guy strokes off on ass. 8.90
5> Elen & guy. In room. Eats her. Topless. Screwing rev cowgirl. 2nd guy strokes himself watching them. Screwing. Anal & BJ. Anal. Guys strokes off on her face.
6> Brunette & Blonde & 2 guys. In room. Eating. BJs. Screwing next to one another. Anal. DP. Anal. Guys stroke off on their faces.
7> Brunette. Showers. Nude. Clit solo. B&W footage.
a> Sylvia. Sexy top & jeans. Non-sex role.
8> Silvia & Blonde & 2 guys. Topless. Titty sucking. No hands BJ. Fingering. BJs. Screwing. P2M. Anal for each. Facial.

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