Private Movies 09 All Sex (2003)

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Mary helps jounalist Spencer write an article about sex in unforgettable situations surrounded by the most beautiful, uninhibited women.

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Donna Marie, Steve Hooper
Scene 2. Bobbi Eden, Donna Marie, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Hooper
Scene 3. Daniella Schiffer, Steve Hooper
Scene 4. Nikki Sun, Francesco Malcom, Remigio Zampa
Scene 5. Sarah Dark, Steve Hooper
Scene 6. Elena Nikulina, Robert Rosenberg, Steve Hooper

Review by Tongue in Groove

“Private Movie #9: All Sex” would have been better had it followed its title and left out the storyline. The sex is pretty hot here, and the girls are some of the sexiest from across the Pond.
Forget the plot; it has something to do with a guy writing an article on sexual habits. Of course, he has to do his research first. Among his stops is a swinger’s club where much of the sucking and fucking take place. Save yourself the agony and FF through the dialogue.

Normally blonde Daniella Schiffer is a brunette here, and she dons a fetish outfit for her steamy scene. There’s a redhead with a hot body (Donna); blond Bobbi Eden; brunette Sara Palmer; and another blonde, Maria. Most of them take an anal pounding and accept facials for their effort. Maria, in fact, does two guys and gets a double dose of guy goo.

There is the typical fake moaning and camera staring Euro flicks are known for, as well as a lot of gaping by the guys. Some of the filming and editing could be considered artsy, with lots of slo-mo. Still, the action remains fairly hot throughout and could make decent stroking material.

The DVD extras include Trailers, a “Making of…” feature, a Cast List, Photobook, Film Notes, and Other Titles.

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