Private Movies 19 Fuck Your Neighbour (2005)

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Directed by: Antonio Adamo

The carefree existence of Michael, a young student, vanishes into thin air with the arrival of Sarah, his new, sexy young neighbour. And even more so once he discovers that this explosive blonde is a porn star.

Scene Breakdown
Scene 1. Liz Honey, James Brossman
Scene 2. Vanessa Hill, Nick Lang
Scene 3. Angie Hard, Valentina Velasques, Bob Terminator
Scene 4. Elinor Gasset, Valentina Velasques, Lauro Giotto
Scene 5. Angie Hard, Elinor Gasset, Bob Terminator
Scene 6. Elinor Gasset, James Brossman, Nick Lang

Review by scipio

A quick note on scene ratings – unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate “average” as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind.

None of these scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.

A new film from Antonio Adamo, I haven’t seen any of his offerings for Private in quite some time, so it will be interesting to see what this one is like. Some hate him, but others (like myself) very much like what he’s able to do. Thr star of this film and covergirl, Elinor certainly looks very attractive, despite the rubbish tattoo she has on her left shoulder (it’s one of those “hand tearing through the skin from inside” ones.)


Scene 1:
Lisa Honey, James Brossman.
Anal, Facial.

Lisa is a very prettynatural breasted brunette with hair to just above her shoulders. James starts out my kissing her feet briefly before moving to lick and finger Lisa’s bare pussy. The sound is overdubbed with no relationship to the onscreen action, so I turned it off at this point. Cut to lisa licking James’ lower torso, then unbuttoning his fly revealing his already hard cock, which she sucks on, while making eye contact with the camera. Next she rides him reverse cowgirl, followed by missionary with some well-shot repeat insertion. doggie, cowgirl, reverse anal cowgirl, and finally he jerks off in her mouth and face, with some post-cum head.

Good scene, well shot, attractive performers, not super-hot, but still very watchable.


Scene 2:.
Vanessa Hill, Guy.
Anal, Facial.

Vanessa Hill has natural breasts and black hair and sits on a couch with the guy as he puts on a Private DVD. The guy quickly lays her on her back and goes down on her, rubbing her clit before she returns the favour, opening up his pants and going down on him. She lays back and he screws her missionary with P2M, then she’s suddenly naked and riding him cowgirl, she goes down on him as he fingers her. Spoon, then spoon anal, RAC, then a facial pop.

I didn’t enjoy this scene all that much. Vanessa’s not especially my type, but this scene also seemed to lack that “Adamo” touch, making it just an average one-in-a-billion porno scene to me.


Scene 3:
Valentina Velasques, Barbi, Guy.
Anal, Facial.

Since this scene is shot “on the set of a porno movie” we see a cameraman and keep cutting to Elinor who happens to be on set, watching. so forth. Valentina is a gorgeous woman with black hair pulled back tight and has on black fishnets and nice make-up, earrings, etc. The guy licks her pussy, then she gives him head, the he walks over to Barbi, a cute blonde wearing glasses as well as pink lingere and fishnets and she licks him briefly before he goes back to Valentina and fucks her spoon through he fishnets for a great visual. Reverse cowgirl then he goes to Barbi who gives him head before he goes back to Valentina and bends her over for standing doggie anal with lots of repeat insertions. Anal cowgirl is next, then we cut to the guy jerking his load onto Valentina’s face.

Quite a decent scene, though there was no point to “Barbi” being in the scene since she really didn’t do anything or have involvement.


Scene 4:
Elinor and Valentina Velasques.
Anal, A2M, Facials.

The two girls are in bikinis, in a hot tub with some guy who sits and watches. And he doesn;’t have to wait long as the girls go right to work on each other with various lickings. Unfortunately, Adamo feels the need to cutaway to the guy smoking his cigar and making idiot “horny man” faces every few seconds, to the g/g componrnt of the scene is messed up. Pretty quickly though, he joins on, kissing Valentina as Elinor sucks him off, then cut to him etting a double BJ from both girls. Cut and he fucks Elinor spoon for a second, followed by P2M, then fucks her some more and Valentina does P2OGM, Valentina rides RC and Elinor P2OGM several times, then Elinor does RC. He licks Valentina’s pussy and fucks her from behind, Elinor does RAC, spoon anal for Valentina and uncut A2M twice (in an Adamo film?) and finally her jerks off in the girls’ faces.

After a weak/annoying start the scene got a lot better, though it felt a little short, this is probably because I wanted to see more as it went along…


Scene 5:
Barbi, Elinor, another guy.

The guy lays on a couch, flanked by the two girls. The three of them touch and fondle and kiss one another before the guy goes down on Elinor, who gets up and leaves, so he instead goes down on Barbi who is still wearing her emo glasses. He fingers her as he licks her out, then she sucks him in return. Barbi gets fucked spoon, then reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, then doggie with some nice slow-mo-ish closeups of the penetration. Throughout the various positions she gives the camera a lot of eye contact with fuck-me cooing faces. Finally, he jerks his load off in her face, getting some on Barbi’s forehead but missing her glasses. She sucks his cock after thge cumshot but Adamo fades us to black before she’s done..

Not bad at all, though as with Barbi’s appearance in the previous scene with Valentina, I’m wondering why they bothered with Elinor being in the start of this scene.


Scene 6:
Elinor, 2 Guys.
DP, Facials.

Once again on a “porn set”, Elinor is stripped down by a besuited guy, then laid down as he goes down on her. Another suit-wearing guy pulls his dick out, as Elinor kneels up and goes down on the first guy, then on both of them with a cock in each hand. Soon one guy fucks her and repeatedly P2Ms her as she sucks the other guy, then he just pounds away at her though the action is not well captured here. Next Elinor rides one guy RC as the other guy fucks her mouth, then as one guy lays on his back, she kneels down and blows him as the other guy fucks her doggystyle. Cut back to the RC with mouth-fucking, though this time it’s reverse anal cowgirl with some nice looking slow fucking, though with Adamo it could well have been slowed down footage. Next up for Elinor is the porn-standard conversion of RAC to a DP, with both guys plowing away into her neither regions. Next up we have the just-as-common cut from RC-DP to cowgirl-DP, and finally we cut to both guys in turn jerking their semen off into Elinor’s pretty face and mouth.

A well done scene in the end. Due to the poor coverage at the start of the scene I was concerned, but it was rectified. Elinor is a very pretty lady, though she is almost too blonde and pale, she still looks very nice here. I’d love to see her in something more Tropical..


One thing to bear in mind with this disc is that if you like Adamo’s style, chances are that you’ll like this, and if you’re not a fan of Adamo’s, there’s nothing to recommend this. Having said that, it’s not Adamo’s best work, but it is still very watchable and better than much of the porn floating around out there.


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