SweetSinner – Lisey Sweet, Mother Exchange 8 S01

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Lisey offered to let her son’s best friend, Codey, move into her son’s old room. She needs some male presence to fill her house, and her loneliness. Of course her intentions aren’t entirely pure. Getting him in her house is one step closer to getting him into her pussy. His youthful energy fuels her libido. She wants to go on a sexual rampage starting with Codey. She doesn’t take things slow. She has gone without for too long. She pulls off her panties and sits on his face to get her pussy nice and sopping wet. Then she promptly hops on his cock. His huge, young dick fills her pussy so completely that he she feels like a teen again being fucked for the first time. Her quivering pussy clinches tight around his throbbing member, never wanting to let it go. She wants to milk him completely dry of cum, which is exactly what she does.

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