WatchYouCheat – Victoria Voxxx And Charlotte Sins – Fantasy For Three

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Charlotte Sins opens her eyes one morning to see her girlfriend, Victoria Voxxx, touching herself in the bed next to her. ‘What are you thinking about?’ Charlotte asks with playful surprise. Victoria grins, her eyes full of arousal. ‘A fantasy I have,’ she replies.

Victoria explains that she’s recently had a recurring fantasy about Charlotte making love to a man. She knows that Charlotte had hooked up with a few guys before the two of them sparked their lesbian romance. The thought of Charlotte getting pounded in the ass by a hard cock is something Victoria would love to watch, and if Charlotte’s down for it, so is she.

It turns out that Charlotte has a coworker, Christian Wilde, who she thinks would be perfect for the job. A few days later, Charlotte invites Christian over, and the two of them start fooling around in front of Victoria. At one point, Victoria can’t help but join in on the fun, and a wild threesome ensues that none of them will ever forget.

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