Wicked – Getting Schooled (2013)

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Starring: Alektra Blue, Christy Mack, James Deen, Jessa Rhodes, Kaylee Brookshire, Prince Yahshua, Richie Calhoun, Ryan McLane, Tommy Gunn

Scene 1. Jessa Rhodes, James Deen
Scene 2. Alektra Blue, Tommy Gunn
Scene 3. Christy Mack, Ryan McLane
Scene 4. Kaylee Brookshire, Prince Yahshua
Scene 5. Alektra Blue, James Deen

Sandy is shy and not entirely over finding out that her ex-boyfriend was a cross-dresser. Her neighbors, including smooth operator Chris, work together to get Sandy back in the dating game. After many comical and sexual misadventures, it finally becomes obvious that love is closer than she thought!

AVN Awards, 2014
Nominee: Best Romance Movie
Nominee: Best Screenplay
Nominee: Best Director: Feature, Jonathan Morgan
Nominee: Best Actress, Alektra Blue
XBiz Awards, 2014
Nominee: Best Scene – Couples-Themed Release, Alektra Blue, James Deen

Review by Sean DPS

Overall Thoughts:

Sandy is shy and not entirely over finding out that her ex-boyfriend was a cross dresser. Her neighbors, including “smooth operator” Chris, work together to get Sandy back in the dating game. After many comical and sexual misadventures, it finally becomes obvious that love is closer than she thought.

And for those paying attention to my reviews, you know that Alektra Blue is one of my personal favorites, and I was shocked to here about her leaving Wicked. The good news is that she has some stuff with Brazzers coming out soon, so if you are like me, we just need to be patient. But luckily we still have the chance for a few more Wicked titles coming out with her in them, including this one. So let’s sit back and enjoy this, this might be the last we see of her for awhile. But Alektra seems to really shine in the comedic roles, and the AVN nominations just back up that statement.

She have moved a little down my list of favorites, but that might be due to the fact I haven’t gotten the chance to see her in a movie for awhile, but it’s safe to say she is back on my radar and like I said earlier, I can’t wait to the unleashed Alektra Blue. But we are talking about this movie, and I can say that we got a nice one here. And even though you may accuse me of being a fan boy, I was surprised that my spotlight scene for this one, was not one of the Alektra scenes (both of her scenes were good too, don’t get me wrong), but if you watch this movie, and I think you should, you will see why the Kaylee and Prince scene got that award. But once again Wicked goes above and beyond in numerous aspects, including special features and the technical stuff, and for that, this is getting a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me.

Jessa and James

After a night out, he’s ready to have some fun with his latest conquest, which he is not sure what her name is. The rocker girl from the previous review is back, and this time she is wearing a skin tight dress, and she shows off her flexibility and quickly slides of the dress and goes in for some heated kisses, as he runs his hands over her body, spending some time on her tits and neck before heading to the holy land, rubbing and teasing her pussy. He flips her around and leans her up against the counter and grabs on to her ass, while his tongue is working his magic on her pussy. His kinky sides comes out a little with some play with his belt. He lays her back and continues to work his mouth on her pussy, and she can barely keep still. He stands her up and she applies some spit as she jerks him off, and then finally falls to her knees and grabs on with both hands as she swallows him. After her cock and ball worshipping are over, she is bent over on the couch, as she works her booty back and forth on his cock, he gives her ass a few slaps here and there, as he takes control of the pace. Some nice dirty talk from Jessa as the doggy continues, and then without pulling out, then end up on the couch for some spoon action, while he strums her pussy. And yes folks she is quite flexible as she spreads her legs for him. Some brief oral from James and then he grabs onto her leg as they continue with some missionary, with more pussy strumming. Some reverse cowgirl follows and then the begging for his cum begins, and he pulls out and jerks off and gives her face a few splashes of cum, followed by a few last sucks and swallows before their night is over.

Alektra and Tommy

The magical night is going to start off with a nice relaxing massage. And his hands get a little frisky as he works over her naked body. She says her pussy’s a little tight, so he gives it a few rubs with his fingers, as her motor is a running, as he kisses her neck and back. She flips over and gives her tits some love, and she grabs onto the bulge in his shorts, and she offers to massage it with her mouth. She sucks and swallows it, working it over nicely with her pierced tongue, going deep in her mouth. She leans her head over the table as she begs him to fuck her face, and asks for him to give it to her harder. She flips over and continues her oral workout on his cock, showing some great energy as she covers every inch, with some more face fucking here and there. And I am guessing she really likes to get face fucked, just a guess. But enough of the face fucking, it’s time to give her pussy some love, as he slides in a few fingers into her pierced pussy. She moans and beg for his cock, while the tongue play continues, and finally she gets that cock she’s been begging for. She strums her pussy, while he slides in and out of her pussy, grabbing onto her leg and speeding things up. She gives his cock some oral love and then bends over and waits for him to slide back into her pussy, for some nice doggy action. She reaches back and slides a few fingers in her ass, and as he is back inside her pussy, she keeps the dirty talk going, letting him know she wants to cum for him. He lays down on the table and she climbs on and works that booty over his cock, bouncing and grinding, while the finger in the ass play continues. I have a feeling we are going to see her really let loose when her stuff comes out. If this is her last movie with them, she is going to make sure she goes out with a bang. More deep throating before she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, once again really working her hips on his cock. And just as she is about to cum, he pulls out and leaves a few drops above her pussy.

Christy and Ryan

She takes a chance and goes out on an internet and he seems like he is quite the sexual douche bag and pretty much wants to fuck anything he can. Alektra isn’t interested, but lucky for him Christy is here to fulfill his desires. They head off to the bathroom, and after checking to see if the room is empty, they have their hands all over each other. He opens her shirt and unleashes her tits from her bra and give them a few sucks and licks, and then lifts up her skirt and gives her ass a few smacks before sliding off her panties. He slides off his pants, and she is quick to wrap her lips around his cock, , licking and stroking it as she bobs her head on it. And of course we are going to have some spit play as she deep throats him. After her oral workout, he sets her on the counter and spreads her legs, as he dives and twirls his tongue in her pussy. She grabs onto his hair and makes sure he is really getting deep in her pussy. Liking the heart shaped patch above her pussy. He grabs onto her legs and thrusts his cock into her pussy, while she gives it a helping hand. He makes his way back to the bench and she is back to offering her love to his cock, then slides on a condom, she gets it nice and wet and then climbs on and braces herself as he fucks her pussy. He grabs on tight for some standing action, then bends her over the counter and mounts her, teasing her pussy before finally sliding in. They end up on the floor, as she is once again on top for some reverse cowgirl, giving her pussy some added finger action, while he thrusts in her pussy. He pulls out and jerks off into her mouth, leaving a few trails running down her face.

Kaylee and Prince (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

Seems all of these dates are about getting her into a three way. An open relationship marriage leads into some more fun time for Kaylee and Prince. He comes down and he can’t wait to have some more fun with her, and she can’t seem to keep her hands off the giant bulge in his shorts. And when the shorts are off, this busty blonde wraps her lip around his cock, licking and sucking, as he reaches over and gets a handfull of her booty. He grabs her head and shoves his cock deep in her mouth during some face fucking. It seems she is the only lady getting some oral work on a cock that isn’t wrapped in a condom. She sets her booty on his face and he gives it a nice licking, before laying her down and continues to licks and swallows her pussy. And his tongue finds his way into her ass, giving it some nice attention too. She lets him know she wants his cock and boy is he going to give it to her. He slides off her heels and gives her feet some love, while he slides deep inside her. And that deep pounding continues as she hops that big ole booty on his cock, for some nice cowgirl, really working her hips nicely on his cock. He gives her ass a few slap, keeping the momentum and energy going. Wow this scene came out on nowhere and is definitely in the running for spotlight scene for this movie, these two are a great combo and I have a feeling they could keep going, well after the camera has stopped. She bends over with her ass up and he mounts her and is back to drilling her pussy with his cock. After some great doggy, she is back to swallowing his man meat, letting the spit and drool pile up as she works over his balls. He stands her up and pulls off his move, for some standing 69 action, but they quickly end up on the floor and he’s back inside her pussy, as she has to brace herself up against the couch. He bends her over in front of her and pulls off another move and is got his mouth deep in her pussy. This isn’t just a sex scene, but partly a wrestling match. He stands up and jerks himself as she gives his balls some love and then takes a decent pool of cum in her mouth.

Alektra and James

Wow, who didn’t see this coming. He’s there to comfort her after her last bad date. After some smooth talking and he seems to say the wrong thing and she leaves. But he’s not going to give up on her and we need our happy ending. And wearing that hot black dress, she won’t be easy to forget. And his persistence pays off and it’s not long before that sexy body in that tight dress is on top of him. Her tits make an appearance and it seems she wasn’t wearing any underwear for her date, as he reaches down and teases her pussy, while she grabs his crotch. She unleashes his cock and wraps her hands around it, swallowing him whole, while giving his balls some love too. She gets his cock nice and wet and then squeezes her tits together as he slides his cock in between her tits, and much like the previous scene with her, is asking to get face fucked. She bends over in front of him, as he slides his cock in her ass, teasing her before diving in and giving her pussy a nice licking, as she grinds her hips on his tongue. He sets her on her side and slides in her pussy, and she reaches down and gives her ass some finger love. He pulls her closes and they stare into each other eyes as the fucking continues. Some rough stuff as he shoves his hand in her mouth, and then some nice playfulness between the two as she once again on her side, getting her pussy filled with his cock and her ass penetrated by her fingers, and she is really getting in there. She climbs on top and works his cock nicely, showing some great energy as she rides him. As she lays on her back, she finally gets something bigger in her ass, as he slides in and she plays with her pussy, as she scream she is about to cum for him, as he seems to hit the magic spot. And perhaps they are both a little surprised at the outcome, perhaps a little squirting. And the anal continues for awhile, as she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl, continuing to play with her pussy, while her ass gets filled. She laps and plays with her red pussy, as the anal continues and James doesn’t seem to want to leave there. This is a great ending to the movie, but it’s slightly going to lose to the Kaylee and Prince scene for spotlight scene of this movie. He lays down on the couch and she slides off his condom and jerks and sucks him off, and gets a few spurts of cum to fly out and she swallows some cum and is determined to get him to cum again for her.

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