AskYourMother – Khloe Kapri, Misty Meaner And Sawyer Cassidy – What’s On This Tape?

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As a proud stepmom of two mischievous girls, it’s hard for Misty to keep her marriage interesting with Sergeant Miles, her hunky and horny husband. The gorgeous milf hasn’t had good sex with him in a while and wants a night to remember, so she sends her girls, Khloe and Sawyer, to bed early. The plan backfires as the girls stay way past their bedtime, searching for hidden treasures around the house. Not only do they find their stepparent’s sex toys, but they also discover their sex tape! Khloe and Sawyer end up watching Miles and Misty fucking on camera, an image that turns them on instantly. When Misty and Miles learn that their stepdaughters are aroused by their naughty video, they figure that if they want to have amazing sex once more, they might as well invite the girls to join them!

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