AssParade – Yum Thee Boss And Amirah Sky – 3sums Are Sweeter Than Candy

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You would think making porn on Halloween would be easy, but that is not the case. While trying to get the best angels of Yum Thee Boss phat ass booty, we keep getting interrupted by a knock on the door, by a relentless trick or treater Amirah. She even resorts to spying in the windows. Enough is enough, and we got porn to make. Javon goes to run her off but she refuses to leave without something sweet to put in her mouth. So Javon pulls out his big ass dick and lets her know this is the only chocolate bar we have in this house. Amirah lets him know that will do, as she shoves it in her mouth. Yum lets her know she has enough Chocolate ass for the needy as well. Then she sits on Amirah’s face as she eats her ass. A wild 3sum breaks out as Javon fucks both of them and he make sure he opens up Amirah’s tight pussy, giving her want she wanted and more. She begs him to drown her in his cum, I think she got a chocolate overload today.

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