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Yes, that’s a hot busty blonde getting fucked in her ass by a big black cock in the preview pic above. But we’ll get to that. When a stunning blonde with big natural tits shows up with a business book under her arm, and a sense of intellectual humor that rivals a stand-up comedian, you want to take notice. Sunny is smarter and more ambitious than the average trollop, and that’s a hot and dangerous combo. She enjoys sucking and fucking dick and pussy in front of the camera – for now. But with Sunny’s drive we can absolutely see her run her own porn empire one day. But first: porn 101 education. Lesson 1: ask to see a picture of the male talent you’re going to be having sex with. Sunny failed to do so and just assumed that “working with Troy” meant banging him on camera. Our white camera guy did get his hands all over her oiled up body but the real fun doesn’t begin until he makes her take a shower…and huge black giant cock god Jovan walks in on her! Sunny screams for Troy to come in and help her. Naked, wet, and vulnerable, our blonde lovely is in some distress. But to her initial dismay, that huge black man is supposed to be here. In fact, he will be the one whose cock she’ll be servicing for today’s scene. Sunny has done a couple of porn scenes before but today we got some BIG surprises for her, and this is a make-or-break situation for her porn career (and bank account). Her initial shock and hesitation give way when she realizes that walking out today could mean missing out on one major experience all porn girls should have these days: interracial sex on camera. Plus, Troy always gets the girls to commit to the “I’m open minded!”-thing and most girls don’t want to contradict themselves on that once that big black dude walks in. Mindfuck? Yes. What follows is nothing short of astounding. Jovan makes Sunny give him a blowjob sample right there in the shower. They take things to the bedroom where Sunny demonstrates more of her blowjob and deep-throating skills (in-fucking-credible!), and lets his black cock enjoy her oiled up tits for a while until it’s time to take things to the next level: Sunny asks Jovan to let her eat his ass and she gives him a deep tongue rimjob that’s sure to make all you asslicking fans cream your pants in no time. So that’s her warm-up, but Sunny is really starting to dig that black dick now. After riding his big black cock and letting him fuck our curvy babe every which way he wishes, Sunny is so much in love with that big black cock that she actually asks him to fuck her ass! It’s anal time, ladies and gents, but Sunny may have been a tad too enthusiastic for that bbc. It takes some work to make that black cock fit in her fabulous phat ass. But oh what a sight it is once Jovan’s trouser python is in our blonde’s ass! She even does ass-to-mouth to ensure all her new fans here on know exactly how dirty and awesome Sunny Chase is. Duly noticed, Queen Sunny! A nice gooey creampie in Sunny’s pussy rounds out our blonde, big-titted PAWG’s (Phat Ass White Girl) first interracial experience. Super hot, busty girl with brains and a kink factor to match, Sunny has the stuff to take the porn world by storm if she chooses – in front and behind the camera!

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