CaughtFapping – Haley Reed And Siri Dahl – Closing The Deal

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Haley Reed has just finalized the sale of her home, having worked closely with her realtor Siri Dahl throughout the entire process. Siri can detect that Haley’s feeling a little bummed about having to leave her home after so many years. But at the same time, this is a part of life, and Haley gets that… so she’ll make the best of it!

Haley sees Siri out and then sits alone in the living room, taking in the space for the last time. She’s going to miss so much about this house… The tall windows… All the natural light… Heck, she’s even going to miss masturbating here! Hey, wait a minute… Maybe she could have ONE LAST rub-out for the road? Why not? It’s the PERFECT way to say goodbye, isn’t it?

Haley starts masturbating but is taken aback when she hears Siri come back inside the house. Haley hides behind the couch and is relieved when it seems that Siri didn’t spot her. But then, Siri sits down on the couch and gets a naughty idea herself… Siri starts to masturbate, which gets Haley even HORNIER. Both women rub one out, a mere few feet from each other until Siri finally realizes that Haley’s there. Well, seeing as they’ve BOTH got the same idea, why not ‘cum’ together?

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