CherryPimps – Cherie Deville The Lady And The Pizza Boy

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The daily woes of pizza delivery can really be hard on some drivers. People not answering the door. People not paying for pizza. Being offered sex for pizza. It’s a tough job… the pizza is even cold sometimes! Well there is nothing cold about this pizza or should I say about this customer. She is hot as fuck and she needs a pizza bad! Unfortunately she lost her wallet and has no way to pay. Surely there is SOMETHING she can do to get that pizza in her mouth. She is hungry and not necessarily for the sausage on the pizza. She wants the pizza boys sausage and wants it deep in her personal oven. How many sexual innuendos can there be one scene? How about extra CHEESE as this is exactly what is being delivered. Cherie takes hot and ready literally and needs a cock delivered to her wet pussy! The best 20 dollar pizza ever… She definitely was offering sex for pizza afterall!

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