CherryPimps – Karma RX, Vanna Bardot It Be A Crime To Not Fuck Karma Rx

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Vanna bardot; aka The Weed Queen, has gotten away from the cops on too many occasions and it takes the professionalism of Karma Rx to come and get what needs to be done. Surely there is something Vanna can do to stop from being put in the backset of the cruiser. There has to be something… maybe some pussy eating? Some hot lesbian sex to keep her out of court. It doesn’t take much to bribe Karma; especially with Vanna looking so sexy in her black bra and panties with her silk robe on. It’s time to take this indoors and Karma will give Vanna the punishment she really deserves… I mean after all marijuana is becoming legal in more States. It is not that bad of an offense. The true crime is not making Karma cum with that amazing tongue! Being BUSTED by Officer Karma Rx seems to be a dream cum true for Vanna!!

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