DareWeShare – Lauren Phillips And Scarlett Alexis – No, She’s MY Bi Girlfriend!

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Lauren Phillips has been exploring both sides of her bisexuality by casually dating both a man, Isiah Maxwell, and a woman, Scarlett Alexis, simultaneously. BUT Lauren’s been doing so on the down-low and not telling either of them because of the stigma that bisexuals often get both from straight partners AND from lesbian partners.

When both Isiah and Scarlett arrive on her doorstep on her birthday to surprise her with a romantic gesture, the cat is out of the bag, and both of them are confused and territorial towards each other. To Lauren’s relief, neither seems as bothered as she feared by learning that she’s bisexual, per se, but things DO start to get out of control when they start arguing over her as a whole, still acting just a tad insecure!

Frustrated and eager to put this matter to bed – figuratively and literally – Lauren calls for them both to stop arguing, and accept that she likes both men and women EQUALLY! They can either accept ALL of her, or get NONE of her. And to make them prove themselves, she gives them an ultimatum – either they all have a threesome OR she’ll break up with them BOTH.

Put on the spot but too prideful to back down, both Isiah and Scarlett begrudgingly agree to her terms – and learn just how much fun having a relationship with someone who’s bisexual can be!

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