DeviantAss – Black Magic, Antonio Suleiman

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At first, we would like to thank the actor S.A for participating in the movie and giving up her privacy and her time to send a massage. Magic is a phenomenon that is well known in the world and specially in our Arabic society. Women often go to people who claim to be magicians and that they can change their personal or family life for the better. Some of them seek help in order to return their ex-lovers or to give birth to a boy after giving birth to several girls. Unfortunately, this is the result of the low education of the society in which we live, and always that the so-called magicians are people who exploit, and the exploit their customers financially and in some cases even sexually abusing them and some of them records videos while abusing the victim so they can black-mail them and ask them for money, Bandar the magician is exploiting this woman who asked for help and he fucked her.

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