DickDrainers – Teanna Trump Gettin Inside of Teannas Head!

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After a long and stressful day, the only thing that Teanna wants to do is relax. But when you’re a woman blessed with so many attributes and abilities that men find desirable….its kind of hard to get a moment’s peace. There’s constant text messaging and emails and phone calls and dms…even tho the gifts are nice, all in all it can be a lil overwhelming. Which is why relaxing is so important. But sometimes when you relax…your mind goes to places where you start thinking of things. Sometimes its mundane, boring stuff: what to eat for dinner, what needs to be bought from the store…things like that. But sometimes…those thoughts get more X-Rated. Thoughts of the things that these men want you to do to her….thinking of how they want to manhandle her…thinking of how she can turn them into putty using those abilities they love so much. But of course…they’re just thoughts.

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