KissMeFuckMe – Scarlett Mae And Jenna Starr – Better In Real Life

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Jenna Starr and Scarlett Mae are online girlfriends, but now they’re finally taking their relationship to the next level: meeting in real life. They send each other text messages about how much they’re looking forward to their upcoming meeting… they’re both so excited, and their pussies are SO wet.

When Scarlett finally arrives at Jenna’s place, Jenna marvels that Scarlett is taller than she had imagined. Scarlett is also impressed, saying that Jenna is even hotter in real life. They move their lips closer together as if they’re about to kiss, but then decide to build up the anticipation a bit more by touching and caressing each other’s beautiful bodies first. When they finally taste each other’s sweet lips, it ignites even further sparks, and they move to the couch so they can make love for the first time.

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