MissaX – A Mother’s Test (2020)

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Reagan opens the door to welcome Cody and her stepdaughter. Cody is taken aback by her beauty. Reagan is in her 40’s but she could be Vanna’s older sister. Vanna takes Cody to her bedroom, she confesses that her first fiance had an affair with her stepmom. Cody assures her that he would never cheat on her. He kisses her softly, the feeling of being in her old bedroom makes them both feel naughty. The door is cracked and Reagan watches Cody and her stepdaughter make love. She licks her lips as she looks at Cody’s thick, long cock sliding in and out of her stepdaughter’s little pussy. It’s been a long time since she’s had a man like Cody. Her eyes narrow as she rubs her pussy, she loves a challenge.

Tension boils when stepmother, Reagan, makes dinner for her stepdaughter, Vanna, and Vanna’s fiance, Cody. Reagan insists on telling embarrassing old stories about Vanna. Vanna is infuriated and rushes off to her bedroom to be alone. Reagan allows her stepdaughter to cool off, and she does the same while she lays in a bikini by the pool. Cody walks onto the patio and tries not to be too obvious, he can’t keep his eyes off her. Reagan calls him over and tells her that she used to be a nurse. She’d like to “check” Cody’s penis for disease. Cody is taken aback, but also turned on, he struggles to keep his penis from turning hard as he shows it to her. “It’s hard,” she tells him. “I’m terrified,” he confesses. With Vanna alone in her room, Reagan has found the time to seduce Cody.

Reagan and her stepdaughter Vanna are relaxing on the sofa. Cody is pleased that it seems the two have ‘made up.’ The two women have their eyes on Cody. They want to show them just how they kiss and make up. Cody is shocked and in awe at his fiancé and her beautiful stepmother kissing before his eyes! They pull him near. The women take out his cock and suck it together. They make love. Cody can’t believe how insane this family is, and how lucky he is to marry into it. They both take his cum inside of their mouths, hungrily lapping at every drop. “Pack your bags,” Vanna tells Cody. Cody is confused. “We can’t trust a cheater,” Reagan muses with her arm around her stepdaughter. He has been tested. He has failed.

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