NiksIndian – Danger – Ceam Pied Friend’s Hot Wife

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Sameer’s wife was home alone when his friend Rahul came to visit him. She invited Rahul inside the house to let him wait by the time her husband comes back. Being a housewife, she was tired of household work and was relaxing on the couch while Rahul was waiting for Sameer. Soon after she dozed off and mistakenly took Rahul as her husband and started caressing him, touching his dick with her beautiful feet. Rahul was hesitant in the beginning as he did not want to cheat on his best friend by fucking his wife in his absence but her foot job made him very horny and he could not control. What happened next is definitely shameless but when hormones hijack the mind , humans do such shameless acts. Rahul fucked and impregnated his friend’s hot wife.

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