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Lucas Ayres goes to answer his front door, a puzzled look on his face since he wasn’t expecting anyone at the moment. When he opens the door, he is greeted by Rory Knox who wears a massage uniform and brings some equipment through the door. Lucas has no idea who she is, or what she’s doing there, but Rory explains that his parent ordered a NURU massage and had an appointment at this time.

Lucas shakes his head, saying that’s impossible- his parent is at work and won’t be home until much later. Does Rory maybe want to come back later? Rory doesn’t seem too pleased about that- this location was really out of her way and it would complicate her entire schedule to move things around. Suddenly, Rory gets an idea: what if Lucas had the massage instead of his parent. She’s already here with all her equipment, and the massage has already been paid for in advance, so if Lucas doesn’t have anything better to do, maybe he’d like to try it out?

Luckily, Lucas doesn’t have much going on today, so he accepts. He’s never had a NURU massage before, but Rory assures him that he’ll love it. She motivates him to get fully undressed with her and lie down on the mat. Lucas is a little nervous- he had no idea he’d have to be totally naked for this. But when Rory starts rubbing her slippery body all over him, he can’t help but understand just why people like this kind of massage so much. It seems his cock is liking it as well, with Rory taking it in her hands and slipping it into her mouth and pussy for some playful fucking.

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  • hogswaldo

    Can Rory get a partner that is on her same caliber of skills or freakiness? She can fuck like the champ! so get her someone decent to fuck or someone she might actually want to fuck. Maybe a dude with a tan, muscles and a hard dick

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