Oldje – Lexi Layo, A special type of interview

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Lexi is about to have a very special interview… After asking Oldje for his CV she wants to confirm that he wants to be a taxi driver at his age. Oldje is pretty confident in his aptitudes and does not feel too old for this job. She continues to look through his jobs history and finds that he was a porn actor. Thinking of all the women he fucked she asks if he has a big dick and seizes the opportunity to fuck an experienced man. She decides to offer him the job if he fucks her. Oldje isn’t too sure so he lets her make the first step. She feels self conscious and seeks his opinion on how her naked body looks, pulling up her dress to reveal a nice shaved pussy and perky tits. Now he has the advantage and decides to play hard to get by not saying anything about her body. Taxi driver or not he can’t refuse her when she starts kissing him and proceeds to get his clothes off. A few french kisses and she starts stroking his cock, gets down on her knees to lick and suck his cock. Having decided he really wants the job, Oldje goes down on her and starts licking her pussy while playing with her nipples! Remembering his old job he fucks her on the desk with her legs wide spread making her moan and want more. She gets heat up and wants to try out her fantasy to ride a big cock on her office chair! Lexi gets the new employee to cum all over her, now being a cab driver he might give her some other rides…

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