OnlyTarts – Katie Kush – Me Or The PS5?

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Armed with her yoga mat, Katie Kush will join her friend for a refreshing yoga session. When arriving at a friend’s house, she discovers that her friend is out, and the only person left is her best friend’s brother who is busy playing video games. However, this is an excellent chance for Katie to impress the guy, as she has had a crush on her girlfriend’s brother for a long time, which is why she asks to do yoga next to him. Yet despite her best efforts and the sexiest positions she displays, he remains engrossed in the video games, oblivious to Katie’s intentions. Feeling underrated, Katie hatches a plan to capture his attention. She showcases her more playful side and dresses in an outfit that radiates her lustiness. Returning to the guy, she invites him to view a special yoga session and demonstrate her more private body parts. Seeing her uncovered pussy and ass, the guy finally begins to see clearly and decides to play with Katie some pervy games. However, after her twat gets wet from the caresses of the guy, Katie is not up to silly games. She greedily throws on the guy’s big dick and swallows it to ensure it will nicely penetrate her fit and tight pussy. Drowning in orgasms, Katie allows herself to be fucked in the most sophisticated positions and then asks to complete the act with a cumshot. Licking her best friend’s brother’s hot cum off her face, Katie realizes how much better this day has become than expected. She did not miss her yoga class, and she did win love at the same time. What could be better?

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