OyeLoca – Lana Steven – I Won’t Tell If You Won’t Tell

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David is having a tough day. He walks around the city talking on his phone about work, bored to his mind and tired of it all. Suddenly, a girl starts shouting at him from a distance. David fails to recognize her until he realizes it’s Lana, an old friend of his who grew up to be one hot gal. Happy to see her again, David invites her for coffee. Lana likes the idea, but she counterproposes going to her place for a more intimate setting. At Lana’s, David sees a lot of pictures around the house of another man. Dana explains to him that she’s married, but she still craves his cock. Aroused by the situation, David fucks Dana while hoping her husband doesn’t surprise them. The two lovers enjoy sneaky sex with an extra spice of risk and secrecy.

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