PlayboyPlus – Kayley Gunner – Force Of Nature

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This Armed Forces Day, we’re thrilled to bring you a new feature from Kayley Gunner, shot by the photographer Holly Randall. “I am a military child born on an Army base and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. I loved growing up on an island. Nature was my playground,” smiles Kayley. Coming from a long lin e of people who served, Kayley followed in her family’s footsteps before her career in the adult industry. “My passion is to create beautiful content,” she says. “I am most proud of my time in the Army. I believe that was when I grew into myself and became the confident woman I am today!” Nowadays, Kayley feels her best self when creating in front of the camera. “I feel the most sexy when I’m wearing nothing at all. The female body is beautiful, and there’s something special about sharing it with the world,” she says. “I think nudity is the most beautiful form of art. It’s timeless.” See more of Kayley Gunner right here on

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