PornWorld – Kiara Lord – Hungarian Hussy Instructs A Geek In The Art Of Pleasuring A Woman

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Blonde Hungarian bombshell Kiara Lord takes pity on her friend Nikki. He’s never been able to keep a girlfriend because he’s no good in the sack. Today, worldly woman Kiara invites Nikki over to her place to show him the ropes. After offering him a blowjob as an appetizer, she shows him how to lick a woman’s twat like a pro before she mounts him and instructs him in what to do with his manpipe as she inspires him to dig deep into her tight, pink snatch. After getting a glimpse of this curvy, busty, full-lipped sex instructor, you’ll want to get a lesson from her, too!

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  • Heathens

    fix these videos, I gave been reporting numerous of the video with the flag button because all these videos has changed to one irrelevant video of a woman talking to a camera and it’s super boring, where does the original video has gone? something is seriously wrong, i hope you are looking into this matter!

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