PureTaboo – Adira Allure – Fender Bender

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SCENE OPENS on 18-year-old Lana (Adira Allure), who is driving in her car. Meanwhile, Cal (Stirling Cooper) leaves his house and gets into his car, shutting the door.

He starts the car, but as he’s about to reverse out of his driveway, his car shakes and he yelps in surprise. Someone has crashed into the back of his car. Cal gets out of the car and we see that Lana has hit him. She is frantic and shaken-up. For some reason, she doesn’t want him to call the police. This seems to give him an idea and he invites her in to talk it over.


Inside, Lana reveals that she doesn’t want Cal to call the cops because she was driving with a suspended license and could go to jail. Cal implies that the only way he won’t call the cops is if Lana fucks him. After initially refusing, Lana, in complete desperation, agrees to fuck Cal.

Lana is about to pay a very steep price for her little fender bender…

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