SinCity – Lil’ Ms. Behaved (1994)

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Starring: Brittany O’Connell, Draghixa, Kirsty Waay, Kylie Ireland

Get ready for a little French lesson. Meet Draghixa, a sweet innocent little French import with an overactive imagination and an appetite for American food – especially the tall, dark and handsome kind. Our little pop tart finds herself in some of the wildest, naughtiest sexual situations You have ever seen as she travels through the back-alleys and wide open spaces of the good ol U.S of A. Our Lolita never learned not to speak to a stranger. As a matter of fact, her idea of international relations begins on her knees … Oui, Oui.

Scene 1. Draghixa, Randy West
Scene 2. Brittany O’Connell, Jonathan Morgan, Mark Davis
Scene 3. Kylie Ireland, Randy West
Scene 4. Brittany O’Connell, Draghixa
Scene 5. Kirsty Waay, Nick East

Review by Joey Markham

notes: Kylie’s the only gal with implants. No tattoos or piercings. Brittany takes a good double facial. The other b/g scenes end in facials but Kirsty’s isn’t well captured.


Randy’s a rich man who’s married to Brittany. But their marriage is a sham because they’re unfaithful, unknowingly to eachother. He’s worried that she might be too young for him, that she married him only for his money, that he’s emasculated, etc (even though she assures him otherwise). Nick is their son, who brings home a hitchhiker (Draghixa) one day. He’s totally in love with her and asks if she can stay at their house as the maid, but Randy completely forbids Nick from pursuing a long-term relationship with her. Of course, after fucking Draghixa, West offers her the maid position.

The foxy foreigner proves to be too much to handle in the long run and is approached by Brittany, the butler (Jonathan) and Randy himself. Separately, and unknowingly to eachother, they offer Draghixa hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hopes that she’ll take the money and run, leaving the family behind and keeping West happy that Nick won’t pursue her anymore. She ends up filthy rich and takes off. However, the movie ends with Nick and Kirsty (a banker sent over to the house to give West the ‘hush money’ for Draghixa) having sex in the shower. The (abrupt) end.


[1] Draghixa and Randy in bed. Draghixa’s a very cute brunette (frizzy shoulder length hair) with some blonde streaks in it. She has a luscious body with great C-cup breasts, not too much pubic hair and semi-meaty labia. Here she’s wearing a black teddy, nylons and heels. With Randy laying back, she starts off by giving him a sensual blowjob. There’s brief ball licking and she takes a few good inches in her mouth (nearly deep throating him briefly). She climbs on top for a 69 with some bad continuity. In some shots her teddy’s off and in others it’s on. We even get a moment of slow-motion during the bj (not a very good idea, imo, unless she were demonstrating deep throat on somebody like Rocco Siffredi or Sean Michaels). She removes her teddy, french kisses West, then rides him cowgirl (she has a cute ass). Reverse-anal cowgirl is next, with no insertion shot. I like the full-body shot we get with her hands behind her on Randy’s upper body. A re-insertion shot is shown for spoon-anal, then she jerks him off to a cum, getting a mild popshot on her chin and upper lip (not a direct ass-to-mouth). She sucks him off afterwards.

[2] Brittany, Jonathan and Mark (playing Randy’s lawyer) in bed. Brittany looks beautiful in this movie. She has some make-up on but isn’t glamorously dolled up. The perky, petite, pale-skinned redhead just radiates super-cute! In this scene she has on a bra, panties and black heels. As Jon kisses her (later receiving head), Mark parts her panties to taste her pussy (fingering it too). Davis sucks on her right nipple a bit and her bra’s removed. Later, Mark gets blown (some ball sucking) as Jon removes her panties (heels remain) then fucks her doggy style. Jon gets head again as Mark gets to fuck Brittany in missionary (nice, solid pounding).

We fade-in on the dp with no insertion shots and the one behind penetration shot we do get is marred by Jon holding himself while fucking her ass (completely blocking anal penetration). O’Connell is quite vocal throughout but full body shots lack a little something. She’s spirited but they’re all close together, almost making it seem like they’re assuming the dp but the guys aren’t really fucking her. Anyways, the scene ends with Brittany laying back and taking both loads on her face. They cream her mug nicely, getting her chin, cheeks, tongue and neck. She sucks them each off afterwards (not at the same time).

[3] Kylie and Randy in his home-office. She’s sitting comfortably on his lap in a chair and this is how they introduce her character to the flick. She asks, “Are you sure we should be doing this?” He asks, “Why not?” “You ARE my father’s business partner!” “It didn’t bother you the last thirty times we did it.” “Well, since you put it that way, I guess it’s ok.” And they start kissing. Someone give the writer (a certain Lilly Hammer) a prize for originality. Perhaps at the time of writing, this person was a certain Lilly Hammered?

Kylie (shoulder length dark blonde hair) is made to look like a school girl wearing a white blouse and plaid skirt. She’s also wearing white socks and no shoes. She doesn’t really look like a teenager to be believable as a ‘young girl’ and she certainly doesn’t exude any of that implied youthfulness when she opens her blouse to reveal that set of enhanced breasts (first covered by a bra). So she stands up and removes her shirt, bra and skirt, much to Randy’s delight. When the skirt comes off, we see that she has little teddy bears printed all over her panties. She sits down against Randy with her back towards him and she twists herself to the side a bit for him to taste her right boob (while rubbing her pussy over her panties, later parting them to do some fingering). Then Kylie sits in his place and Randy squats down to taste her pussy (first with panties parted then removed, revealing a tanline). He firmly plants his face between her legs and goes to town devouring her for all she’s worth.

Then they both stand up and Randy undresses. Kylie squats down to give head (first licking his cock over his underwear, soon removed) with brief attention to his balls. A stand-up doggy follows, with some hair pulling during it, then she sits back down in the chair for missionary (nice and solid). From here, he pulls out and cums on her chin, which oozes down her neck. He also sprinkles her hair a bit. She licks his cock afterwards.

[4] Draghixa and Brittany in a bathroom. Before the scene begins, Brittany’s wearing an aqua/blue-ish teddy and matching panties (also black heels) and looks quite stunning sitting on the edge of the tub with one leg partially crossed over the other. Draghixa has her hair up and is wearing a black dress with a white apron (no shoes), kneeling in the tub and scrubbing away (or at least, trying to look like she is). They start kissing, then cut right away to the two of them naked (O’Connell still in heels). Draghixa does some nipple sucking then pussy licking/fingering (with Brittany sitting on a counter by the sink). They kiss, Brittany nipple-sucks Draghixa, tastes her pussy from behind then the foreign maid also assumes Britt’s position to be licked out in return. Followed by this is a 69 on the floor (carpet). Standard g/g fare, a few full-body shots, nothing special.

[5] Kirsty and Nick in a shower (with the water running to start with). They’re both standing up and kissing, then he rubs a bit of soap on her wet body. Kirsty’s long brown hair (past shoulder length) doesn’t get completely wet. There’s more kissing, she strokes his cock, then he sucks her left nipple a bit before he fucks her pussy standing up. She’s also raised during it, with her legs wrapped around him (feet behind his thighs) and I’m surprised they didn’t slip and fall. Next, Nick sits on some sort of tiled-ledge as they do reverse-cowgirl. Very good. Ms. Waay has some energy in her! However, there’s a moment of slow-motion during it (why??). Stand-up doggy follows (some hair pulling) then she squats down to blow him/suck his balls. Slow motion again for the cumshot. She strokes him off and he gets the left side of her face a bit (unseen to us) and the rest dribbles down her hand. She licks his cock afterwards.


Imperial rating: 2.50/4.00 [“2.50 to 3.35 are all good to great rentals”]

This is a couples tape, though. There were some decent moments (minus the g/g), but Brittany’s dp wasn’t that hot, even though Ms. O’Connell was. Draghixa and Brittany look good. Kylie and Kirsty were alright, but I was never a huge fan of either (though their scenes weren’t that bad).

Overall, this is just your average feature that’s hot in spots.

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