TabooHeat – Nikki Brooks And Cory Chase – New Quarantine Apartment Vol 2 Parts 1-4

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Step-Mom Uses Me For Sex

My step-mom is really horny this morning, so she pulls her vibrator out and exclaims “I finally have some step-mommy alone time!” She goes to turn her vibrator on and it’s not working! “You have got to be kidding me!” she grunts. She walks over to me in the living room, where I am looking at nude photo’s of my step-mom covered in my cum from the other day. “I was thinking that maybe I can use your cock again…” she says, as she throws her bathrobe on the floor. “What do you say, honey? Will you let step-mommy use your cock?” she asks again. “You said that it would only be one time,” I remind her. “I know, but I’m horny and my vibrator broke! So come on!” she begs. She bends over in to the doggy style position and she shakes her big ass in my face. I take my hand and I spank her ass a few times. My cock is hard already, so I take my cock out and I shove it in her pussy while she’s still in the doggy style position. “You did such a good job fucking step-mommy the other day!” she moans. “Fuck step-mommy’s pussy!” she cries out. I ask her to turn over, so I can fuck her pussy in the missionary position next. Her big, natural tits bounce up and down as I fuck her. I pump my cock in and out of her pussy until I cum inside of her pussy!

Morning Nut To Clear Head

My step-mom is sitting at the kitchen table, doing some work on her laptop. She is starting to get really stressed out from all this work! She calls me in to the room and she suggests that I fuck her for a few minutes to help her release some stress and get rid of her writer’s block! “Come on, honey! Please! I just want a little taste of your cock!” she begs me. “Fine…” I tell her. She gets on her knees and licks my cock, to try and convince me further. Then she stands up, takes her bathrobe off, and she leans against the kitchen table in the doggy style position. I shove my cock inside of her pussy and I fuck her pussy from behind. She starts to moan from pleasure! I reach around and grab her big, natural tits while I fuck her. “That’s it, honey! Inspire step-mommy with your cock!” she moans. I keep fucking her until I cum inside of her pussy again. “I can feel that warm, thick load inside of me…” she giggles.

Gym Step-Mom Shows Off Thigh Gap

My step-mom takes me to the gym one afternoon, so the two of us can lift weights together. My step-mom is wearing a red sports bra and tiny black shorts. “Do I have a thigh gap?” she asks me. I don’t even know what a thigh gap is, but she tries to explain to me what it is. She pulls her shorts off, to try and show me the gap between her legs and ass. “I think that you should be really naughty and fuck step-mommy at the gym!” she exclaims. “Are you kidding?! What if someone walks in?” I ask her. “No one is here! It’s after quarantine and everyone is too scared to leave their house!” she reminds me. It takes her a few minutes to convince me, but she finally does! She puts her mouth around my cock and she sucks my cock for a little bit. Then she leans back on the weight bench and she spreads her legs for me. Her pussy is exposed and waiting patiently for me. I am really hard at this point, so I finally shove my cock inside of her pussy. Her big tits bounce up and down as I thrust my cock deeper in to her pussy. “Can I fuck you from behind next?” I ask her. She nods her head, “yes!” She gets in to the doggy style position on the weight bench so I can see her big ass as I fuck her pussy. When I get close to cumming, I tell her to get down on her knees and I jerk my cock off in to her mouth and on her face! “Well, it looks like I’m going to have to go straight to the showers!” she giggles.

Step-Mom Seduces Hot Neighbor In To a Threesome

My step-mom is staring out the window at our blonde MILF neighbor from across the street. “What a sexy little thing, she is!” my step-mom exclaims. “I’m going to fuck her!” my step-mom tells me, as she stares at our neighbor wearing a bikini outside. My step-mom invites our MILF neighbor inside and she asks her if she wants a drink. The MILF declines the drink, and my step-mom instantly starts to kiss her. “I like a girl who is directly to the point!” the MILF exclaims, as she kisses my step-mom back. My step-mom pulls our neighbor’s bikini top off and she starts to kiss her nipples. My step-mom takes her own bikini top and bottom off and then she pulls the MILF’s bikini bottoms off as well. My step-mom is so horny today that she starts to eat our neighbor’s pussy out right away! I walk in to the room while the two of them are on top of each other. “Step-Mom, what the fuck!” I exclaim. She introduces me to our neighbor. “I’m sorry, I didn’t even ask you for your name! I’m Nikki, what’s your name?” she asks our MILF neighbor. “My name is Cory,” the MILF tells us both. My step-mom tries to convince our MILF neighbor to fuck the both of us at the same time. My step-mom reaches out and grabs my hard cock. “Oh my God, you’re touching your step-son’s cock!” Cory exclaims. My step-mom goes back to eating Cory’s pussy, like she was doing before I walked in to the room. Cory starts to suck my cock while she gets her pussy eaten. Then it is my turn to shove my cock in Cory’s pussy, while my step-mom watches and licks Cory’s nipples. My step-mom sits on top of Cory’s face so Cory can eat my step-mom’s pussy while I fuck Cory. I really want to fuck my step-mom though, so my step-mom bends over in to the doggy style position so I can fuck her pussy from behind. Cory hops on top of my cock next and she rides my cock, while my step-mom watches us. “Doesn’t his cock feel amazing?!” my step-mom asks Cory. I keep fucking Cory until I get close to cumming, and then I jerk my cock off all over my step-mom’s face and in her mouth… My cum drips down on to Cory’s bush as well!

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    same here too…wrong video uploaded, it’s a 13 mins solo video of a girl, not completely entirely different video uploaded here!

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