TheLifeErotic – Dolly Diore – Bottle It Up 2

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Erotic legend Sandra Shine directs sexy Dolly Diore in this explicit movie. Dolly, a tall Hungarian brunette with a nose piercing, walks into a nightclub bathroom on stripper heels, wearing a peekaboo mesh minidress over black lingerie. She checks her ponytail and smoky makeup in the mirror and drinks from a bottle of apple cider.

She swallows the first sip, then drools the second onto her large breasts, while running manicured hands over her curves. She gives the bottle-neck a playful titty-ride, then chugs and drools more of the cider. Soon, she is pouring it directly on her impressive rack – it trickles down to drench her clothes and drips off of her lace-clad crotch.

Turned on, Dolly frees her tits, then splashes them with the last few drops of cider before teasing her puffy nipples with the bottle-neck. She sucks on it like a cock, works it against her panties, then pulls them aside so she can grind it against her shaved pussy and landing strip. Moaning, she teases her clit then sinks the glass neck inside of her.

Back against the wall and knees trembling, Dolly bangs herself with the bottle, pausing to taste her juices off of it. Her fingers ream her clit, then she reaches back to take it from the rear, standing doggy-style. She rests a spike-heeled foot on a urinal, opening herself up wider, and the camera captures an upskirt close-up of her asshole and pussy as she screws herself to the brink of orgasm.

Tossing her shoes, she perches on a vanity with one bare, pedicured foot raised. She plows herself with her glass dildo, and finally cums to a screaming, frenetic climax. She withdraws the bottle, tastes her cream, then lowers it once more. With perfect aim, she squirts a jet of golden pee into the bottle, then places it in the urinal before heading back to the dancefloor…

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