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Siri Dahl is getting ready for a very special date. She lathers herself in the soapy waters of her clawfoot tub, applies lotions and perfume, and checks her hair in the mirror. She feels gorgeous and gives herself a warm, excited smile.

Later that day, her dates, Johnny Hill and Wolf Hudson, arrive at her front door. Siri greets them, all done up and looking exquisite. Before they leave for their planned activities, she invites the boys inside for a little chat. She leads them into her bedroom, the tension in the air palpable as each person sends quick, sexually-charged glances at the others.

Siri sits the boys onto the bed and explains to them that although she’s excited for all the things they have planned for their date, she really can’t help but want to fuck them right away. Wolf and Johnny are pleasantly surprised, although they would have never presumed to be this lucky without taking Siri out for lunch first.

Siri admits that she’s never had a threesome before, and goes on to explain what she’d like to happen. She likes having her body touched, enjoys foreplay, and is really SO excited to suck both of their cocks. They continue to share what they are and are not okay with, establishing a safe and sexy set of mutual guidelines for the adventure that will soon begin. Through the discussion, the sexual tension mounts as they vocalize their wishes and fantasies, setting the stage for a raunchy bisexual threesome that they will never forget.

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