WatchYouCheat – Aften Opal And Jade Venus – It’s Worth A Try

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Matthew Figata tells his girlfriend, Jade Venus, that he thinks it would be really hot to see her having sex with someone else. Jade is surprised, saying she’s never tried something like that before. Matthew explains that he has a really cute coworker, Aften Opal, and he thinks that Aften and Jade would look amazing together. Now intrigued, Jade says that she’s willing to give it a try, since it could be a fun way to spice up their relationship. Matthew is delighted, and says that he’ll invite Aften over.

The next weekend, Aften arrives at their house. She sits down next to Jade, while Matthew watches them. Jade is a bit nervous since she’s new to this sort of thing, but Aften gently caresses her to help her get comfortable. Matthew then suggests to the ladies that they can try kissing, so they do… and they enjoy it very much. Jade and Aften then start undressing so they can enjoy touching and tasting each other’s bodies, all while Matthew happily watches.

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