WatchYouCheat – Ryan Keely, Vanessa Vega And Celestina Blooms – I Know Just The Girl

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Ryan Keely and Vanessa Vega have been in a relationship for seven years, and they’re still very much in love. In fact, Ryan feels so secure and safe in their relationship that it’s giving her a wild idea… she thinks it would be really hot to watch Vanessa having sex with another woman.

Vanessa is surprised, but not against the idea. However, she asks Ryan if she’s sure, because she wouldn’t want anything to ruin their loving relationship. Ryan assures Vanessa that she’s secure enough about their relationship to try this, so Vanessa admits she has a new coworker, Celestina Blooms, who might be a good fit.

Days later, Vanessa arrives home with Celestina, and Ryan is pleased to see that Celestina is just as beautiful as Vanessa described. Ryan tells them to go ahead and enjoy themselves, so Vanessa and Celestina start kissing and caressing each other while Ryan watches. Vanessa playfully pushes Celestina onto the bed and kisses her feet, then moves on to kissing and licking Celestina’s pussy, all while Ryan continues to observe the sexy fun…

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