WebYoung – Gia Derza, Erin Everheart, Apryl Rein And Ailee Anne – Bad Aptitudes

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Ailee Anne, Gia Derza, Apryl Rein, and Erin Everheart are all excitedly huddled around their laptops, waiting for the results of their aptitude tests. But when they get the results back, NONE of them are pleased! All of the careers seem way off base and even if the girls WERE interested, the careers would separate them. They’re so close that they can’t STAND the thought of being away from each other.

As they gripe about their results, they cheekily realize that there’s ONE thing they’re ALL good at: being hot! That and sex — they’re VERY good at sex. Maybe they could turn THAT into a career?

As soon as it’s brought up, the friends giggle and start casting each other flirty looks. It looks like it’s time to boost each other’s confidence AND show that aptitude test what they’re all REALLY meant to do!

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