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The first time Sasha Beart ever jerked off it was to some hot content on and ever since then she wanted to be a porn star and ultimately be a model on Kink. Well her dream has come true and it’s all here for you to dig into and enjoy! Paired up with the […]

Returning home to the country from London in 1964, Margaret was a woman who knew what she wanted and how to ask for it. But how will former sweetheart Wally react to her newly found sexual liberation? Her confident and unapologetic seduction quickly inflames rather than intimidates as she greets him in lingerie and leads […]

Get away. Get it on. There’s something about being on holiday that amps up your libido. Feeling free, relaxed and in a new space can bring out your adventurous side. Isn’t it time you got away? Wet Weekend Lucille had planned a romantic break away for her girlfriend, it was her first relationship with a […]

Karen is a holiday shagger. She’s never swapped details with any of her holiday sex partners or seen them back home. On holiday she sheds the skin of everyday Karen and she feels uninhibited and comfortable to be whoever she wants to be and ask for exactly what she wants from a partner. On this […]

The fiery lady, Sasha Beart, looks absolutely stunning in her all-red outfit. The choker, lingerie, and thigh garters are really sexy, but the Maestro is especially interested in the heelless platform shoes the tattooed blonde is wearing. Receiving compliments makes the beauty want to hear more. She flaunts her enhanced tits, firm ass, and shaved […]

One night while driving around in the confession van, we spotted two beautiful women in the park. I approached them and asked what they were doing out so late, and they told me that they were influencers busy making videos. I could tell they were interested in earning some extra cash, so I invited them […]

Despite being on set for ‘I Love Pussy’ Lexi started to doubt that she would ever get her pussy licked, given how long the photographs were taking. But she needn’t have worried as Unstoppable Sex Machine can’t wait to find what turns her on the most with his tongue and fingers. It’s beautiful to watch […]

Thomas is all man. He smokes cigars, drives fast cars and eats raw meat for breakfast. He’s also a total sub. In his scene with Lexi they’ve been typically cast as ‘dominant man’ and ‘submissive woman’, but that doesn’t turn either of them on at all. They decide to try some role reversal… It’s time […]

Leave Your Judgement at the Door 2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best Directing ? International Production 2022 AVN Award Nominee for Best International Production Bea never misses an opportunity when it comes knocking… While it can take Kylie ages to make a connection with someone, with Bea it’s instant, so when she spots a hot […]

Porn performers often have to get themselves into character for some pretty unrealistic scenarios… Miche and Unstoppable Sex Machine are doing their best with a corny yoga script, but given the positions that the director insists they get themselves into, Miche definitely couldn’t come for real while filming. The chemistry between them is only heightened […]

Ley used to send Julie videos of her hook ups. But Julie’s eyes soon became sore from watching, so Ley started making them audio only. Now, every time she hooks up she sends Julie a gift in the form of a sexy recording. She says it’s a great pick up line, guys love the idea […]

Julie is losing her sight, and some of her sexual confidence. The only thing she feels safe with now are erotic podcasts, but her best friend Ley is determined to bring her out of her shell, starting with a threesome. The girls invite Nathan over for a sensual session, all starting blindfolded as they start […]

Super sexy Brittany Bardot, Eden Ivy, Sasha Beart, Ivy Maddox and Anna de Ville team up for a Sapphic soiree courtesy of kinky pornographer Proxy Paige. Each girl wears skimpy underwear and heels. Anna lewdly squats on a toy dong. Blonde Brittany takes two rubber pricks in her butthole, until she ejaculates pussy juice! Anna […]

Maria has found a low cost ticket to Barcelona. It´s her first time in the city and she´s staying with friends of a friend. They are a lesbian couple that overwhelm her a little. They turn out to be so polite, so friendly, so cool, so hot! She wouldn´t mind to be introduced into lesbian […]

Naked but for a teddy bear-themed bikini, stockings and high tops, buxom stunner Scarlet Chase plays in the woods, twerking and stripping, spreading and jiggling her amazing ass. In bright sunshine, the pale, longhaired blonde douses herself with honey, pouring golden goop all over her fine body. The sticky treat collects in her deep cleavage. […]

Evelyn is determined that Hannah needs to be saved from bad boy Lucas, and she can help by breaking them up. Lucas is sunbathing in the garden so Evelyn starts to massage sunlotion onto his muscular, tattooed physique, before moving in for a kiss. When Hannah returns, Lucas easily talks his way out of trouble […]

Landlady Evelyn is not aware, but is disturbed by her housemates – a hot couple in her oldroom – they share the same bed that hold so many memories of mind-blowing sex with herex for Evelyn. Curious at their giggles, she peeps through the keyhole to see that Arya andFinn have invited in a friend […]

DancingBear – Cake Cum!

May 21, 2022

This girl is having her 30th Birthday bash at her office, and the dancing bear crew is there to start this party off right! Phoenix sets things off correct with his moves and the women go wild for it, they are all over his dick, slobbing up and down on his knob. These girls really […]

Now you know when the girls want to see some dick swinging action they always book the Dancing Bears. Our bookings have s**t through the roof these past couple of weeks and we are doing events at least twice a week now. And the boys are too happy to have their dick in and out […]

What’s up all you bear fans!?!!? We set up shop in a banquet hall in Hialeah hoping to attract some fine ladies, and boy did we ever!!! We got some of the finest ladies I have ever seen, all of them ready to go and waiting to see our studs strut their stuff! When the […]

After three hundred years with the same woman, lust can begin to challenge loyalty. Alone in the darkness, Jonus notices a woman he cannot resist, following as she leads him to a secluded pool. Giving into temptation, Jonus joins her in the water and kisses her breasts, becoming consumed by desire. He bites her hard […]

Away from her lover and hungry, Bryana prowls the city for fresh meat. Hunting out a curvaceous estate agent, Bryana arranges a viewing where she knows they’ll be alone. It’s soon clear that the attraction is mutual, and Bryana orders the estate agent to strip. Kissing her neck, Bryana suddenly bites down hard and revealing […]

Legend has it that the first vampire was created in ancient Egypt, born in darkness from a heartbroken Queen’s lust. Dedicating herself to the night, the Queen sought only sexual pleasure and the life of innocents. In this scene, the Queen and her imprisoned slave mix pleasure and pain, as she cuts him to drink […]

What use is being immortal if the person you love stays human? Ever since being bitten during her passionate affair with Byrana, our newly born Vampire is so thirsty, so full of lust, unable to rest until she’s satisfied. As her boyfriend arrives home, she leads him to a jacuzzi surrounded by candles. Kissing in […]

Separated from Jonus for the first time in 300 years, Bryana realizes that exploring her desires alone has only fuelled her love and lust for him. Reunited, the immortal lovers share laughing and kissing as their escapades excite each other. Jonus devours Bryana’s body, worshipping her curves and kissing every inch, moving between her legs […]

We’re back bitches! Better then ever! We got a club full of girls from all over the world. We have Ebony girls, we have Latinas, we have White girls, we have Asian girls and we even have sexy Milfs joining the party. The best part about this, they all love dick. You’re going to witness […]

We’re up in the club once again for more dick sucking mayhem! We’ve got 6 male strippers and women for as far as the eye can see waiting to service their cocks. Nothing like a fast paced all out dick sucking rivalry between some women! Ali got a chance to rail this smokin’ hot chick […]

We’re back from hibernation! It’s one of those crazy nights for The DancingBear. Lots of lovely ladies in the house tonight. We have sexy Gringas, Latinas and Negras craving for the dick to come out and play. These ladies are horny and we can barely contain them, Their panties must be soaked from all the […]

We’re back bitches! Here, with another awesome DancingBear update. We got a club full of horny women. Ready to get a mouthful of dicks. We got Ebony chicks, we got white chicks, we got Milfs and we got them sexy Latinas in the house as well. Panties are soak and wet from the anticipation. Ready […]

Ain’t much better in this world than smashing some soon to be off limits pussy. Our little bachelorette here came to the bear to get her last bits of fun in before taking the big plunge. Her and her friends though what happens on the bear, stays on the bear. Nope. What happens on the […]

Strapped, buckled and booted in fetish attire, sexy blondes Sasha Beart and Brittany Bardot flaunt their bare-chested bodies. ‘Two supersluts with two super holes,’ says director Proxy Paige. In a lesbian opening, Sasha offers her orifices for Brittany to taste. Brittany shoves a huge dildo up Sasha’s asshole. The big toy makes Brittany ejaculate streams […]

A sexy, lingerie-clad trio — Eden Ivy, Misha Maver and Sasha Beart — teases the camera lewdly. Three oversexed babes smack their booties, rim bunghole and make out through a lesbian intro. The girls probe each other’s orifices with various dildos. Next, Sasha lies spread-eagled on the couch. Misha and Eden pry open Sasha’s sphincter […]

Two friends, Jessie Saint and Daya Knight, are chatting about their lesbian stepmoms, Christie Stevens and Ebony Goddess Mystique (who are also friends). Christie and Ebony have always been disappointed that their stepdaughters turned out straight, and Jessie and Daya are sick of the pressure. Since they’ll all be having dinner together later, Jessie suggests […]

Thin, elaborately inked Sasha Beart looks hot stripping off her skimpy outfit and showing off her horny holes. Chatting with director Proxy Paige, the defiant starlet stretches open her sphincter for the camera, and then fingers her wet cunt. Proxy probes Sasha’s asshole with a dildo while Sasha thrusts a toy into her twat. Sasha […]


Madison Summers grew up loving her teddy bear, like any girl does! She did everything with her teddy. She ate snacks, she played, she skipped, and so much more! Well, Madison has always been a growing girl, and a growing girl has different needs as she gets older. Since Teddy is her very best friend, […]

The anal queen Veronica leal meet Sasha beart in a intense anal scene, full of pasión,fisting, balls deep action, squirt. [featured-img]

Ever since Nat Portnoy’s sight started to get worse she lost all of her confidence, but lucky for her, Alyssia Kent was always there to boost her up. Alyssia starts making out with lucky stud Sylvan and decides to invite Nat into their encounter so she can also fully enjoy herself, what are best friends […]

Julia De Lucia loves to get freaky in public places, so when Juan Lucho is eating her out by the pool and Jane Jones catches them, she only gets hornier. Julia moves things to the kitchen where Juan bends her over the table and pounds her from behind like the slutty babe that she is! […]

Jane Jones has always been considered a prude, especially by her slutty friend Julia De Lucia, who loves to have Miguel Zayas eating her out right there by the pool. Julia knows that Sam Bourne wants to get physical with Jane so she encourages her to take charge of her sexual power and go for […]

Nat Portnoy messed up her sight by obsessively masturbating when she was young, so when she meets Jesus Reyes at the park, she’s not sure if he’s falling in love or just getting turned on. Nat doesn’t care too much about that though, all she cares about now is that she let’s herself go during […]

While dancing in her bikini, Nat Portnoy gets hot and bothered, so she looks for girl on girl videos to masturbate and she finds one of Baby Nicols with Julia Roca having a sweet fuck sesh involving some yogurt and honey in all the right places! [featured-img]

Stunning babe Julia De Lucia and muscle hunk Maximo Garcia engage in a slow and sensual foreplay session involving oil and massages before giving in to their passion and fulfilling their deepest desires. [featured-img]

Savana has noticed her stepson take a liking to the girl hes been tutoring. Its obvious shes attracted to him also, so Savana pulls him to the side to investigate. Turns out her son always thinks about this girl naked and is just too nervous to ever make the move. Savana suggests that her baby […]

When Marcus Quillan walks into Jane Jones’ room, he finds her sensually touching herself and, being unable to resist the temptation, jumps into bed with her. After some sweet-lovings and tender caresses and kisses, Jane and Marcus make passionate love, switching positions until both reach their delicious climax. [featured-img]

Julia is spending a nice day in bed with her lover, making love and getting all hot and sweaty. What she doesn’t know is she has an audience watching through a peephole. [featured-img]

Emily Willis video-calls her girlfriend Gia Derza. They miss each other, wishing aloud that they could be together. It turns out that Gia’s strict step-mom Cory Chase is keeping them apart. Ever since they both turned 18, Cory has been SO intense, even going so far as to monitor their calls! The girls decide that […]

Eva is tired of feeling underappreciated. As a woman in football, the other professionals don’t take her seriously – they all just tell her to ‘get her tits out’. Over a glass or two of wine, Eva spills her troubles to her friend Scarlett, a women’s football coach. Cuddled on the sofa, the girls get […]

When one of the best players on this national football team is struggling during one of the biggest tournaments of his career, the team physio calls in premium escort Anissa Kate to get his mind right. With a little MILF magic, the stud will be back on his A-game in no time. [featured-img]

My stepdad has been bummed about my mom leaving him, he’s been moping around, wasting time at home instead of trying to get a job! I want to give him a little motivation to get back out there, and I think I know just how to light a fire in him… Love, Leda Bear. [featured-img]

Sometimes we all need to lose control. Uma is a strong, independent woman – but deep down she fantasises about allowing a man to truly dominate her. Slipping into The Cube, she selects a virtual reality scenario all about power and submission, and finds herself wearing a black skin-tight catsuit. Playing a sexy game of […]

If, according to Shakespeare, clothes maketh the man, then without doubt lingerie maketh the woman. Skyler (Ella Hughes) is the gorgeous young owner and head designer of lingerie company, Threadbare, whose empowering designs sprinkle magic dust over her friends’ sex lives. By [featured-img]

Legend has it that the first vampire was created in ancient Egypt, born in darkness from a heartbroken Queen’s lust. Dedicating herself to the night, the Queen sought only sexual pleasure and the blood of innocents. In this scene, the Queen and her imprisoned slave mix pleasure and pain, as she cuts him to drink […]

Alicia wants to show James she´s moved on, which means sleeping with him one last electrifying time. [featured-img]

After a great workout in the ring, this fit couple head to the shower room. They sit next to each other on a bench and he begins to finger her through her shorts. He stands up so that she can get access to his big hard cock, which she kisses and sucks. He gets her […]

A new member of the Secret Sex Society has arrived, and Ben is keen to welcome herproperly. Without even knowing her name, he drizzles oil across his new playmate’s bodyand massages her all over, his hands sliding from her breasts to her stomach and down toher pussy. He leans in to kiss her, gently massaging […]

Good teamwork can lead to surprising situations. Rookie lawyer Leyla organizes a team-building weekend by the beach for her and her firm of London lawyers. As trust is gained, intimacy is earned and sparks start to fly. [featured-img]


Sexy spinner Gina Valentina gives her ass to Markus Dupree for a hard anal pounding. Gina’s looking super hot in her white lace lingerie, pink high heels with a matching collar and garter as she holds her teddy bear and teases on the balcony. She makes her way up to the bedroom where Gina eagerly […]

If you’re looking for a sloppy, messy BJ, look no further! Leda Bear and Jewelz Blue bring the waterworks while getting their mouths stuffed with a big hard cock. The tag team action doesn’t stop until that guy blows his load for these hungry sluts to gobble down. [featured-img]

Seven women in four months have gone missing from a small town. Leda is only the newest girl to disappear. Local law enforcement is not equipped to deal with a serial killer situation, who knows how long this will go on, and how many, will meet the same fate? [featured-img]

Joybear – Curvalicious (2018)

September 16, 2019

Starring: Tyler Nixon, Anya Olsen, Paige Turnah, Danny D, Ava Dalush, Angell Summers, Emma Leigh, Loren Minardi, Alexei Jackson, Demetri To celebrate 15 years of filmmaking Joybear is proud to present the Joy Collection – definitive moments from its award-winning catalogue. There is nothing quite like the shape of a natural woman. Curvalicious is a […]

JoyBear – Menage A Trois (2018)

September 11, 2019

Starring: Rebecca More, Stella Cox, Carly Rae, Christian XXX, Ryan Ryder, Kai Taylor, Ava Austen, Amber Nevada, Megan Coxxx, Luke Hotrod, Aleena Jonez, Satine Spark, Anna Darling, Alexei Jackson To celebrate 15 years of filmmaking Joybear is proud to present the Joy Collection – definitive moments from its award-winning catalogue. Menage A Trois is a […]