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“I don’t think we will be needing any lube today” is the understatement of the year from 23 year old eager beaver Dakota Knight from Florida. This girl is in need of some good fucking that’s for sure and JAKE KNOWS FUCKING so this is a match made in porn heaven. So we find out during the drive back to the hotel that Dakota is no stranger to sex and has been around the block a few times. But she hasn’t been around Jake’s block if you know what I mean and things escalate quickly from “I’ve been on a plane for six hours and don’t want to get naked in the car and fuck” blah blah blah too… “I love sucking dick and sure I’ll suck his dick” said eager Dakota when I asked. But can she suck a good dick Steve? Well… We’re waiting… Fuck yeah she can suck a good dick and no one has ever made Jake cum twice in a shoot before and little miss Floridian made Jake pop in the car. So YES she can suck a good dick and it’s a sloppy, wet as fuck blowjob. The write home to mom and say I found the girl for me MA kinda blowjob. There’s so much spit and wetness smothering Jake’s cock there won’t be a need for any lube kinda wetness going on here. But is Dakota’s pussy as wet and her mouth Steve? Yes. Yes it is. It’s the fountain of youth kinda wet and Dakota squirts for the first time ever as Jake takes her on the ExCoGi rollercoaster of multiple orgasms as he fucks the shit out of this newbie’s pussy. Ok so now that the important questions are answered, it’s time to sit back and enjoy as Dakota Knight gets the fucking of her life because in her own words, “Porn is a lot more fun than I thought it would be”. Yeah it is a lot of fun. Enjoy Dakota Knight. Jake did.

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